Detailed Zygor Guides Review

Ok, there have been some requests to make a more detailed Zygor guides review so I made this post. I already posted what I think about the Zygor guide, but will write a bit more about is since it’s the most used guide right now.

As you probably already know the Zygor guide is THE first one that has ever offered the guide with an in-game add-on. In other words an in-game guide that was not available to players before.

Since I don’t want this Zygor guides review to be a long rant about how good it is I will try to keep it as short as possible.

Zygor Guides Review – Facts

The current versions of Zygor guide supports Cataclysm expansion, both Alliance and Horde factions, PC and MAC users with very simple installation process. There are more guides to choose from.

The following are the zygor guides review facts that are more or less important.

The whole guide is installed with the unique add-on that you get with the download.

Leveling is based on questing. It has automatic quest tracking that is adjusted to your toon level, class and faction making World of Warcraft Leveling Progress faster.

You can set your talent points automatically with a click of a button, you can even choose different builds; tank, healer, pvp, etc.

Super easy quest completion, you get detailed information about how to finish each quest in shortest time.

You can use it for any level character you are currently playing, even just for Fast WOW Leveling.

Very nice looking user interface without any kind of glitches, so far I haven’t had any errors reported and my game works with the same speed.

The guide is adjusted to heirloom items and recruit-a-friend option.

If you are speaking some other language than English, you get support for some foreign languages.

Very nice forum where you can find a lot of solutions for basically every problem.

The most important info of this Zygor guides reviewPRICE $40 for Alliance or Horde guide, $60 for both.

Zygor Guides Review – Good Points

Apart for everything already said in the “facts” section;

The most popular guide on the web which means players think it’s a good guide and you can expect this guide to get updated for as long as the game exists, which may be a very very long time. (I hope so :) )

Lifetime updates for the current expansion, so if you get it now you will get all updates for 1-85 for free.

Very fast updates of the guide for every more or less important update of the game, literally in a few hours.

A TON of additional guides that cover various topics on WoW, like special guides for Worgen and Goblin, Loremaster guide… etc. Haven’t even checked all of them yet. Next are the bad point of this Zygor guides review.

Zygor Guides Review – Bad Points

Hm the first thing, it’s not free. :) Well I’d love to see it free, but since it really does show how much time and effort owners are putting into it, you can’t really expect to get it for free.

There are very minor bugs that sometimes make you die, like you get to fight mobs way above your level. You can always find a solution for that on the forum and their official website.

The way point arrow is very nice looking, but doesn’t disappear even when you find that new area and are already fighting with the mobs or doing everything else that the quest requires from you. It’s a bit annoying but you can live with it.

Zygor Guides Review  РConclusion

The conclusion of this¬†Zygor guides review is that this is not the most popular guide for no reason. It is the most resourceful leveling guide you can get right now. You will level a lot faster and at the same time do other things very efficiently, saving you time. You will get every possible leveling tip and advice that an updated leveling guide can give you, plus things like; special professions leveling guide to make professions a big part of your gameplay, special tips and tricks on how to use certain add-ons that can help you make a lot more gold, completely private forum discussions that will help you with overcoming of any problem. If you want a good leveling guide with a ton of bonuses then you cannot go wrong with this one. There are simply too many bonuses to check out so I didn’t include them in this Zygor guides review, but you can easily see them on their official website.

This is the end of Zygor guides review so thank you for reading this and I hope you know this thing is for real.