Warcraft Quest name: The Rescue
Quest Lvl : 22
Quest Objectives
Krusk in Tarren Mill needs you to free Drull and Tog’thar from Durnholde Keep.

Quest Description
Me and some other warriors were sent by the Warchief to retrieve an object from Durnholde and to investigate this so-called Syndicate.

We went to Durnholde to take a look around, but we were taken by surprise by a large number of the humans. We fought bravely, but their sheer numbers were enough to defeat us. They took a few of us captive, but I was able to escape.

Durnholde is just southeast of here, across the river. Drull and Tog’thar are being held there, you must go and rescue them.

Quest Rewards :
[Recipe: Big Bear Steak]
Choose From :
[Grunt Vest] / [Orcish War Chain]
Experience: 2200
Reputation gain: 350 Orgrimmar

Quest giver: 63 20 (Krusk)

WOW Quest guide:
Follow the path west until you reach T junction (55 19) Go down the south junction until you reach a junction (57 36) follow the path south east from there. Keep going until you see a north turn off (74 49) Take this into Durnholde keep

Outside the entrance to the keep two syndicate watchmen (lvl 21 22) are outside the castle, so must be killed to progress. Once inside, a syndicate watchmen (LVL 20) might attack you once inside. After dealing with these threats, go north until you reach the bridge (76 45)

Travelling through the Keep.
Through out the keep the Syndicate are sprinkled liberally on every pathway, yet with large gaps between each one. Be prepared to be attacked by 2 syndicate (lvl 20-22) at a time, though if you pull correctly you should be able to travel through the keep, killing the syndicate one by one.

Each of the orcs need a key before you can free them, so you should get them first.

Just go across the bridge and then turn left (East), at the first turn off, then turn left (north) up the hill. East of the bridge is the key to Drull’s chains. The holders name is jailer eston (79 42) kill him and the syndicate rogue that is next to him to get the first key. Go back to the bridge. Drop down to the West, be prepared for an attack 1-2 syndicate and 60 fall damage. (you can go all the way around, but it is faster, to drop down Keep going west until you reach a small structure to the south, right at the end of the cavern. (75 41) Just right click on his chains and he is free.

After crossing the bridge take the West turning, until you reach the near end there is the key for Togthar held by Jailer Marljen (70 40). Kill him then go back to the bridge. Go West slightly then North over a bridge. Keep going north until you reach Togthar (79 39), then right click on his chains to free him.

After freeing both, head back to Krusk (63 20) and talk with him to finish the quest.

This quest is a stand alone

The coordinates given in this guide have been collected using Koordinator (1.6). If you find any mistakes or alternative ways to complete the quest, comment on the post to tell me the problem.