Wacraft Quest Name: Tome of the Cabal
Quest Lvl : 30

Quest Objectives:
Retrieve the Moldy Tome and Tattered Manuscript for Jorah Annison in the Undercity.

Quest Description:
Ah! I see that you are a $C of similar tastes to mine. Indeed, acquiring the Tome of the Cabal is a worthy aspiration. Did you know that it was once held within the walls of Lordaeron? It was vandalized though, almost half its pages removed. Who would commit such a heinous act?

That half is lost, though rumor says that it fell into the hands of the centaur of the Thousand Needles.

The rest of the text was to be transferred to Ironforge, but was lost in transit on the coast west of Southshore.

Quest Rewards:
Experience: 600

Quest Giver: Jorah Annison (76 37)

WOW Quest guide: You need to travel to Hillsbrad hills to just South of the Azurelode mine. The Moldy tome is at position 27 72 in the form of a book. This is surrounded in 3-5 murlops (lvl 28-30) and several small towers

You now need to travel to Thousend Needles. Travel to stormwind post. From there go North until you reach a cave enterance.(44 36) Though out the cave are centures (lvl 25-28) Keep Going North until you reach a small chest (43 32) Open it up to find the tattered Tome

Then just go back to the quest giver in Undercity (76 37)

This WOW quest is part of a set

Seeking Strahad
Tome of the Cabal(Part 1)
Tome of the Cabal(Part 2)
Tome of the Cabal(Part 3)
The Binding

The coordinates given in this guide have been collected using Koordinator (1.23). If you find any mistakes or alternative ways to complete the quest, comment on the post to tell me the problem.