Warcraft Quest Name: Resupplying the Excavation
Quest Lvl: 15

Quest Objectives:
Speak with Huldar.

Quest Description:
It’s not too late though, you’re welcome to go look for Huldar. He can’t have made it very far, strong as they are, Miran and Saean can only move so fast laden down with those barrels.

They’re taking the normal route to the site, leaving south out of town and following the curve of the Loch.

Shouldn’t have a problem finding them unless they’ve already gotten there.

Quest Giver: 37 47 (Jern Hornhelm)

Quest Rewards:
Experience: 270
Reputation Gain: 25 ironforge

WOW Quest Guide: From the Quest Giver Head South along the edge of the Loch lake until you find Huldar (32 69) When you come within range of them 2 Dark Iron Ambushers (lvl 10) and Saen (lvl 10) will attack huldar and Miran. Helop them defeat them then talk to Huldar to finish the quest

This WOW Quest is part of a set
Excavation Progress Report
Report to Ironforge
Powder to Ironband
Resupplying the Excavation
After the Ambush
Protecting the Shipment

The coordinates given in this guide have been collected using Koordinator (1.23). If you find any mistakes or alternative ways to complete the quest, comment on the post to tell me the problem.