Warcraft Quest Name: Homeward Bound”,
Quest LVL: 29,
Quest Objectives: Escort Pao’ka Swiftmountain from Highperch, and then talk to Motega Firemane in Whitereach Post.”,

Quest Description: Please help me, mage! I’ve been hiding here in Highperch for some time now and it’s been days since I’ve seen a friendly face. I came here to study the wyvern and I think I got a little too close. After being chased away from one of the nests I got lost.

I need to get back to Whitereach Post! Motega does not know that I am missing and will be furious to know that I ventured into Highperch by myself.

Whitereach Post is just east of here… please take me there!”,

Quest Rewards:
19 Silver Coins
Experience: 2350,
Reputation Gain: 250 Thunder Bluff
Quest Giver: Pao’ka Swiftmountain (17 40)

WOW Quest Guide: “This quest is an escort quest, just follow the quest giver until you complete it (15 32)

Now the hardest thing about this quest isn’t the mob lay out, but a microwave has a better AI then the AI behind Pao’ka. He will happily aggro a mob, let it attack him, keep walking, aggro several more, then run back to the first mob, dragging 3-4 behind him.

Don’t try to clear ahead, since the above mentioned. Instead stick to the quest giver like glue. Any agro’ed mobs ignore them until Pao figures out to attack them back. This limits the amount pulled.

After completing the quest head East until you reach Whitereach post. Talk to Motega Firemane to finish the quest (21 32)”,

<strong This WOW Quest is a stand alone

The coordinates given in this guide have been collected using Koordinator (1.23). If you find any mistakes or alternative ways to complete the quest, comment on the post to tell me the problem.