Warcraft Quest Name: Helcular’s Revenge
Quest Lvl : 33

Quest Objectives:
Charge the Rod of Helcular with the powers of the Flame of Azel, Flame of Veraz and the Flame of Uzel.

Drive the charged rod into Helcular’s grave in Southshore.

Quest Description:
Here, take the Rod of Helcular. You will need it.

Helcular fashioned 3 ceremonial pyres as part of his most powerful spell. The Flame of Azel and the Flame of Veraz lie within the Foothill Caverns. The Flame of Uzel lies in a cave above the caverns, further north in the mountains.

The Rod of Helcular must be charged from each of the three flames. Once the ritual is complete, drive the rod into Helcular’s grave in Southshore, the heavily guarded human town to the south. Vengeance shall be ours!

Quest rewards:
Experience: 3300
reputation gain: 350 Undercity

Quest giver: novice Thaivand (63 19)

WOW Quest guide:
For the Flame of Azel, Flame of Veraz.
These two are in the same cave.
Quest guide: From the quest giver follow the path east until you reach a junction (55 19) From here walk off the path East and follow the mountain range south East until you come the southeast end of the U shaped mountain range (51 30) Head directly East from there until you reach the cave mouth(46 31)

The two flames are in different positions inside the cave
The Flame of Azel: Take the right turning up til the end for the The Flame of Azel( 43 28)
Flame of Veraz:Take the left turning down then a left turning again until you reach the pond near the Flame of Veraz(44 26)

For the flame of Flame of Uzel.
From the quest giver, take the path east until you get to the first junction (52 19) Then take the North turning form there until you get a sign pop up saying you are in the alterac mountains (51 68) Go West from there until you reach a cave (37 67). The flame is directly inside the entrance.

Finishing the quest is the hardest bit. From the quest giver turn West off the path until you reach a river(68 20) follow the river down South until you reach a small field (55 53) from there turn directly West until you reach the first grave, dodging the guards around this town. Right click the grave to finish the quest

This WOW quest is part of a set

Helcular’s Revenge (part 1)
Helcular’s Revenge (part 2)

The coordinates given in this guide have been collected using Koordinator (1.6). If you find any mistakes or alternative ways to complete the quest, comment on the post to tell me the problem.