Comment on WOW Quest Guide: Elemental War by Davie.

I have walked in the middle of the night but have not been touched. I have defeated court cases. I have defeated every foe. I have done total reconstruction to my life which had been destroyed, not to talk about holistic healing in all areas of life including, financial, spiritual, social, physical and family. Thanks to the most faithful name, FIRE. FIRE espouses those who pray in rage as like attract like in the cosmic laws of attraction. FIRE is an angry elemental of war and will never befriend those who walk in smiling faces. So, as I wage it to destroy a foe or anything negative in my life, I always illicit the emotion of anger. Then I direct it towards my target thus: FIRE…..FIRE….FIRE….FIRE…….FIRE. It is very helpful and obedient[ faithful hundred per cent]. When the problems have been solved, you cannot stop to wage war every day cos otherwise you will be destryed. Regards!