Warcraft Quest Name: Destroy the Legion”,
Quest LVL: 30,
Quest Objectives: Slay 6 Mannoroc Lashers, 6 Felguards and 6 Searing Infernals, and then return to Valusha at Splintertree Post in Ashenvale.”,

Quest Description: The remains of the demonic Burning Legion have been making raids against our Warsong Lumber Camp!

No more!

The demons are attacking from the areas known as Felfire Hill, Demon Fall Canyon and Demon Fall Ridge to the east.

Go and destroy as many as you can to bring glory to both yourself and the Horde!”,

Quest Rewards:
Experience: 2450,
Reputation Gain: 250 Orgrimmar
Quest Giver: Valusha
WOW Quest Guide: From the quest giver, follow the path WEst until you reach the area where the demons are (lvl 28-29).

The Felguards and Infernals have high fire and shadow resistances, with the Infernals completely immune. Apart from that The Felguards do a 3 second stun Knockdown, and the Mannorocs can Seduce very rarely.

After killing what you need, head back to the quest giver to finish the quest (73 60)

This WOW Quest is an stand alone

The coordinates given in this guide have been collected using Koordinator (1.23). If you find any mistakes or alternative ways to complete the quest, comment on the post to tell me the problem.