Warcraft Quest Name: Brotherhood of Thieves
Quest Lvl : 4

Quest Objectives:
Bring 12 Red Burlap Bandanas to Deputy Willem outside the Northshire Abbey.

Quest Description:
Recently, a new group of thieves has been hanging around Northshire. They call themselves the Defias Brotherhood, and have been seen across the river to the east.

I don’t know what they’re up to, but I’m sure it’s not good! Bring me the bandanas they wear, and I’ll reward you with a weapon.

Quest rewards:
Choose From:
[Militia Dagger] / [Militia Hammer] / [Militia Shortsword] / [Militia Warhammer] / [Militia Quarterstaff]
Experince: 360
Reputation Gain: 250 Stormwind:

Quest Giver: 48 43 (Deputy Willem)

WOW Quest Guide: From the Quest giver go off the path east until you cross a river. Over the river is where the defias Thugs are (52 47). Keep killing these until you get 12 Bandanas, then go back to the quest giver (48 43)

This WOW Quest is a stand alone

The coordinates given in this guide have been collected using Koordinator (1.23). If you find any mistakes or alternative ways to complete the quest, comment on the post to tell me the problem.