Warcraft Quest Name: A Refugee’s Quandary
Quest Lvl : 3

Quest Objectives:
Bring Felix’s Box, Felix’s Chest and Felix’s Bucket of Bolts to Felix Whindlebolt in Anvilmar.

Quest Description:
We drove the Troggs out of Gnomeregan, but then it all went so horribly wrong! Now our home is completely irradiated, and we gnomes have been scattered all over Dun Morogh.

In my haste to get away from the radiation, I lost all my personal belongings and tools. It was the trolls that got them. They stole my chest, my box, and my bucket of bolts! They took them back to their camps southwest of Anvilmar.

I’m no adventurer – could you find my things and bring them here to me, please?

Quest giver:
Felix Whindlebolt (28 67)
Quest Rewards :
50 Copper Coins
Experience: 250
Reputation gain: 250 Ironforge, 250 Gnomeregan Exiles

WOW Quest guide: From the quest giver head Directly south off of the bridge until you reach a cave entrance (26 79) Felix’s Bucket of Bolts is there. From there follow the mountain range West until you find another camp where Felix’s Chest (22 79) is. After that keep going west until you come to the last camp, where the Felix’s Box is (20 76).

After getting all three, head back to the quest giver (28 67)

This WOW quest is a stand alone.

The coordinates given in this guide have been collected using Koordinator (1.23). If you find any mistakes or alternative ways to complete the quest, comment on the post to tell me the problem.