Warcraft Quest Name: A Bundle of Trouble
Quest Lvl: 9

Quest Objectives:
Bring 8 Bundles of Wood to Raelen at the Eastvale Logging Camp.

Quest description:
I’ve got a real problem on my hands. I have a deadline looming for an order of lumber, and I’m running out of time. The wolves and bears north of here have chased my workers away from the bundles of wood that they’ve already chopped.

I’ve already talked to Deputy Rainer about clearing the animals, but I need someone to go collect the wood for me. If you could collect eight bundles of wood for me I might just make my deadline.

Quest Rewards:
3 Silver Coins:
Experience: 775

Quest giver: 81 66 (Raelen)

WOW Quest guide: The bundles of wood are to the North of the quest giver scattered around the trees. Just pick up 8 then head back to the quest giver (81 66) to finish the quest