Power leveling with Joana’s 1-70, 70-80 and 80-85 Guide

I’m going to be posting about the progress of my World of Warcraft characters leveling exploits. Whether this is I’ve leveled up in a crazy fashion, or I’ve finished a particular hard end game raid with my WOW guild, I’ll be posting the more personal World of Warcraft information here.

This first post is all about Horde leveling

My main Bainshie (Horde undead warlock in the PVE Hellfire realm) has finally made the large leap to the Burning Crusade update and is currently in the Outlands :-)

Being a level 60 at the time, and only 20k through that level (mot much when it takes almost 600K XP to hit level 61), I’ve decided this would be a perfect opportunity to try out Joana’s 60-70 Outlands leveling guide that came with the Joana’s WOW 1-85 Horde leveling guide (also see my 1-85 leveling guide review).

You can see the /played time in the screenshot I took outside the dark portal to the Outlands.

level 60 outside the Burning Crusade dark portal

Then for all you World of Warcraft readers looking for WOW pictures, I took some cool screenshots of Trelp (my Dad’s Main, we wanted to go in together), and he did the same for me.

Trelp: level 61 Horde Troll Priest outside the dark portal to the Outlands
Bainshie: level 60 Horde Undead Warlock outside the dark portal about to enter the Burning Crusade region

Then we were through. After some basic, talk to this guy quests, we started on our first real quest. It was a simple affair, kill a mixture of 11 lvl 57-59’s, but the rewards where out of this world, 10k XP!, and a brilliant staff which even though a green item, made my blue boss staff I had look small and crappy!!!

After doing several more quests with the same kind of rewards, we started the most unique quest in the history of World of Warcraft quests. The objectives where to bomb mobs while flying over them. There were 2 part to this quest and both me and Trelp had tons of fun. By the time we had finished that night, i had gained 130k XP, in under an hour, all thanks to Joana’s leveling guide!


My second and last update is about a level 10 Blood Elf Padalin, again called Bainshie. I created him on a PVP server (realm of Agamaggan) while my mains server was down.

I’m enjoying playing a Blood Elf Padalin, and I’m lucky that i had the 1-25 Blood Elf leveling guide that came with the Joana’s WOW 1-85 Horde leveling guide, since without it I would have been completely lost.

I have a picture of me after I ding to level 10 below. (a /played time of 2 hours and 55 minutes).

Level 10 Horde Blood Elf Padalin

As an additional note it is official

I’m better at leveling than Trelp (my Dad)!. He also created a Horde Blood Elf Priest, and followed the same Blood elf Leveling guide. Generally on his main he is always ahead of me, since he plays lot more, but on a 1-1 leveling battle, I’m winning by 4000 xp so far (he’s only been playing to level 7 so far, been spending time on his main).

That’s all for now, will post more later

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