strong>Warcraft Quest name: Battle of Hillsbrad
Quest Lvl : 30 Group
Quest objectives
Travel to Dun Garok and kill 10 Mountaineers, 8 Riflemen, 4 Priests and Captain Ironhill and report back to Darthalia in Tarren Mill.

Quest description
Dwarves aiding the humans? Damn those filthy little beasts.

We shall test the strength of the so-called Alliance. We’ll see how anxious those little ankle-bashers are to help the humans once they feel our wrath. We know exactly where their stronghold is in this territory.

They have established a barracks in southeastern Hillsbrad along Thoradin’s Wall called Dun Garok. The final mission of this battle is to lay siege on Dun Garok, . Captain Ironhill, their leader, must die.

Quest Rewards :
25 Silver
Experience 2450
Reputation given: 250 Undercity
Quest giver: 62 20 (high executor darthalia)

WOW Quest Guide:
To solo this you would need to be a lvl 35+
Instructions: follow the path west until you reach T junction (55 19) Go down the south junction until you reach a junction (57 36) follow the path south east from there. Keep going past the bridge until you to the second turn off (80 55) Take this turning down until you reach dun garok. Outside the gates is several Mountaineers Priests Riflemen (lvl 28-29+) kill these then go inside(the gates where a mountaineer is.(71 78) This should give you the kills you need minus Captain ironhill (lvl 32 elite)

Traveling inside the keep:
Inside the keep, each room contains several Dun Garok (28-29 elite), and you will have to attack each set together. You should try to stop them running into other rooms, causing the next set to aggro you.

Directions to the captain ironhill:
Turn left into a room(70 79), from there turn left into a small room with a staircase(71 81) go down the stairs and through a small room into a large room with a fireplace. (71 81) Captain ironhill (lvl 32 elite) is down the stairs next to the fire 50% of the time. (71 79)

If he isn’t there then it gets a little harder. Captain ironhill (lvl 32 elite) can be anywhere in the keep, most likely on the higher floors.

Then just go back to the quest giver high executor darthalia (62 20) and finish the quest.

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The coordinates given in this guide have been collected using Koordinator (1.6). If you find any mistakes or alternative ways to complete the quest, comment on the post to tell me the problem.