Warcraft Quest name: Battle of Hillsbrad
Quest Lvl : 28
Quest Objectives:
Kill Foreman Bonds and 10 Hillsbrad Miners and report back to Darthalia in Tarren Mill.

Quest description:
The Hillsbrad Town Registry indicates that the Azureload Mine is under Alliance control. Furthermore, the mine is a prime source of iron ore for the Alliance armories.

Even though we’ve struck a decisive blow to the town of Hillsbrad, the Alliance still supports and protects the Azureload Mine fervently.

The mine lies due south of Hillsbrad. Go there and slay the foreman, a human by the name of Bonds. Kill his miners as well. That should send a clear message to the Alliance.

Quest Rewards :
25 Silver coins
Experience: 2300
Reputation: 250 undercity
Quest giver: 62 20 (high executor darthalia)

WOW Quest Guide
Follow the path East until you reach a T junction (55 19) Then take the path South until you reach another T junction (57 36) Then take the west turning until you reach the second turning (32 50) Turn off the path here, dead south until you get a message on screen saying “Azureload Mine” (31 59) from there go west until you are at the mine(28 60).

The mine is surrounded by hillsbrad sentry (lvl 27-28) if less then a LVL 28, you will have to time your shots carefully, slowly dragging each one out to attack one by one. These sentry’s will call for help when at 50% or less health, so make sure you are far away from the bulk of the men, before attacking with earnest.

There is a chest outside the mine (26 59) which you should open for more loot.

Inside east entrance there are two hillsbrad miners (lvl 27) and a hillsbrad foreman (lvl 28) which wanders. If you time it correctly you can attack all three seperatelly.

After killing the first three, it should be very easy to move around in the cave. Keep going strait ahead, past the first turn off until you reach a junction (29 58). Take the left turning to where the Foreman Bonds is.

There are three hillsbrad miners (lvl 26-27) 2 hillsbrad foremen (lvl 28) that appear around here wandering. kill these before attacking the others.

The Foreman Bonds (lvl 30) is on a platform at the back of the room (31 56). There is also a grey chest up there, containing some loot.
When you attack Foreman Bonds, and he is near 30-20% health, he will summon two hillsbrad soldiers (lvl 28) who will start attacking you. If you have managed to kill 10 hillsbrad miners already, and you are less then a LVL 28 you could ignore the two guardians and only kill Foreman Bonds, causing you to get killed, but you will finish the quest.
Then just make your way back to the quest giver (62 20) high executor darthalia. and talk with him to finish the quest.

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The coordinates given in this guide have been collected using Koordinator (1.6). If you find any mistakes or alternative ways to complete the quest, comment on the post to tell me the problem.