Warcraft Quest name: Battle of Hillsbrad
Quest Lvl : 26

Quest Objective:
Kill Blacksmith Verringtan and 4 Hillsbrad Apprentice Blacksmiths.

Retrieve a shipment of iron and report back to Darthalia in Tarren Mill.

Quest Description
The humans of Hillsbrad have been putting up unexpected resistance. The problem appears to be that the townsfolk are being armed by the local blacksmith. We need to shut down all supply lines.

Your mission will be to execute Blacksmith Verringtan. Slay his apprentices as well. While there, bring back a shipment of iron from their stockpile. The supplies will come in handy when we are done with the conquering of Hillsbrad and begin razing Southshore.

Quest Rewards:
20 Silver coins
Experience: 2100
Reputation Gain: 250 undercity

Quest giver location: 62 20 (high executor darthalia)

WOW Quest guide:
Unless in a group, this quest needs to be done at a lvl 26+ solo.
from the quest giver follow the path west until you get to the first junction (55 19). From there head south until you reach the next junction (57 36 ) where you turn west again until you get to the second T junction ( 32 50)

Go up north until you find the first big building (32 45). This is surrounded by hillsbrad various (LVL 24-26) This makes things hard for non tank chars, and will need to be especially careful,. Kill all the humans outside this will give you the first 2-3 kills in hillsbrad apprentice blacksmith. Then attack the three humans inside, trying to separate them and kill them one by one.

By now you will have all four kills for Apprentice blacksmith. Go inside and open a crate (32 45) this contains the shipment of iron.

If you entered by the south route, you still haven’t killed the verrington blacksmith. Go to the front of the building. Kill the few footmen and mage (lvl 24-26) that hang about the area (This may be difficult doing it solo, since it is practically impossible to pull the monsters one by one.) Then kill the verrington blacksmith (lvl 26) that hangs around the north entrance. (32 40)

Then just head back north east and talk to the high executor darthalia (62 20) to finish the quest.

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The coordinates given in this guide have been collected using Koordinator (1.6). If you find any mistakes or alternative ways to complete the quest, comment on the post to tell me the problem.