Update Brian Kopps Alliance 1-80 WOW Leveling Guide has been abandoned by it’s creator! This means I’ve had to find an alternative leveling guide for Alliance leveling since the WoW Cataclysm expansion is released we’ll be all looking to level to level 85 and Brian Kopps guide will presumably stop at level 80!

Take a look at The Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide which is cheaper than Brian’s leveling guide and very good.

Alliance 1-80 WOW Leveling Guide Review

I don’t play the Alliance as much as Horde, being a teenager going for the dark side of the World of Warcraft universe seems right, but after buying and using the brilliant 1-70 and 70-80 and 80-85 Joana’s Horde leveling guides to level multiple Horde toons, I decided to roll the Alliance, and give the side of light a try with the Brian kopps 1-70 and 70-80 Alliance leveling guides.

How the 1-70 and 70-80 Alliance leveling guides are formatted

The printable Guide is split into sections dependent on level and area, with a large image of the area at the top, and text information for that leveling section following. The guide is quite extensive, with quest giver coords, what to do in that quest, where to turn it in, when to set your hearth. Certain quests have images relating to items or people you may need to find. With all this information, the Brian Kopps Alliance Guide would serve sufficiently just has a reference guide, let alone a power leveling guide

With the Wrath of the Lich King expansion to the World of Warcraft Brian Kopps updated his leveling guide to run within WOW via an ingame mapmod. This is pretty cool because now there”s no need to tab out if like me you are too cheap to print the guide out :) by not having to tab out it really does speed up your leveling.

How WOW Brian Kopps 1-70 and 70-80 Alliance leveling Guide works

The Brian Kopps World of Warcraft 1-70/70-80 leveling guide works because of the large amount of experience a quest will give you. Lets say you need to kill 10 monsters to finish 2 quests, you might get 2000 XP from killing the monsters, but turning in each of the quests might give you 5000 Experience each, giving you 12000 Xp in the same time a person grinding will only get 2000. All the hard work of finding which quests to do as been taken out with the Brian Kopps World of Warcraft leveling Guide :)

Could Brian Kopps alliance 1-70 and 70-80 leveling guide work for you?

This was the first time I had really played the Alliance (got a toon or two to level 10) unlike when I tried the horde leveling guide (was already level 30 odd), when i tested the Brian Kopps alliance 1-70 leveling guide, I hadn’t played any of the quests before, so just as a reference this guide is amazing, add this with the extensive quest lists he has made and the new ingame map mod, including every start place for the Alliance races. Don’t get put off by the scammy sales page, you could very easily get an Alliance character to 80 in 7 days (it used to take more than this to get to level 70).

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