Recently I’ve Been looking at the various gifts and have come from the World of Warcraft universe. Surprisingly there isn’t a lot of official gifts, just the trading card game and a few bits and bobs.

But in its place hundreds of unofficial gifts have sprung up, and of most interest to me, the thousands of T-Shirts with images and captions on them.

Now this begs the question: Even though these items of clothing are funny and humorous to read, would anybody wear these clothes outside of a gaming convention?

Admittedly there are different levels of the T-shirt. For example Having a T Shirt that says “My life comes crashing down every Wednesday at 2am, but it is generally back up by 11” isn’t necessarily WOW related. Neither is “Welcome to camp Tarojo.”, a none WOW player wouldn’t know where this was. But would you walk throughout your local streets with a giant screenshot of the dark portal on your chest proclaiming “Save the healer, save the world.”

Even worse, would you wear any of the following on your chest while out shopping? (The name/weapons are from people who I know in game)

T6 priest: Trelp.

T6 Mage: Ageroth

T6 Rogue: Evo

T6 Hunter: Trina

T6 Warlock: Bainshie

T6 Druid: Hasarel

This kind of thing would be great at gaming conventions (Hey I know you in game!) but would anybody walk down the street with a T-shirt with your name and realm, with your char plasted on it, even if the art work from the blizzard team is so stunning?

So what are your limits to T-Shirt wearing in the world of warcraft universe?