Reasons To Use a Leveling Guide

There are many reasons why people want to level up as fast as possible and because of that want the best wow leveling guide to help them. Of course, you have to know that this is what most of the players of World of Warcraft (awesome game!) want and does not mean it is the only right thing to do.

I know a lot of players that don’t like playing end-game but instead enjoying leveling up a lot more. For some players it is a lot more fun to simply level up slowly doing quests, visiting instances or doing whatever else they want. If you are one of those people you don’t need any kind of leveling guide or even any of the free addons you don’t need to read this page. But if you are looking for information about how to improve your playing and make the most out of the time you spend for it, read further.

Now that we have cleared this, let’s see what are the perks of leveling your wow character to the max level with a leveling guide.

Leveling Guide - Why Use It?

End Game & Leveling Guide

From the beginning of the game and now even more, there are some things that are locked until your reach the highest possible level and as of right now that is level 85. I am talking about the best and hardest raids that are really challenging and a lot of times require players to have a pretty good gear as well. You get access to heroic dungeons that you otherwise don’t and by visiting them you earn different marks with which you can buy yourself some awesome gear. Probably the only reason why to earn marks in PvE is PvP. Having a good leveling guide can speed up the whole process.

Most of the PvP battles are fought when you are max level. Whether it is fighting in arena or any of the battlegrounds. When all the friendly and enemy players are of the same level with a wide variety of skills and equipment you can expect a pretty challenging game-play. And there is no better feeling than owning your enemies. Earning arena points with PvP gives you the ability to buy the best gear for fighting your enemies. Player versus player game is the most challenging at highest levels because you learn all your skills and abilities and can use the best gear in the game. You can really show that you are a good player and dominate others or are the one who gets beaten. A lot of times the gear is the main reason why some win and others lose. Nobody wants to be a loser and leveling for high levels and getting good gear is what most people do all the time. Getting very good gear is hard since it doesn’t always drop.

How To Use A Leveling Guide To Dominate PvP

When it comes to PvP you need good gear before anything else. Of course you also need to be sane and be reasonably intelligent, so if you are a monkey don’t try playing in PvP. I like the arena the most since you can really show your skill. The best PvP gear can be bought with special emblems that you get from quests or for killing bosses. Doing heroic dungeons and raiding is the fastest way to get really good gear. This means you have to make yourself valuable to the team you are playing with. I’m a tank and have no problems getting into groups. When I am playing DPS you always have to wait for minutes, whereas when I’m tanking I get in in literally seconds. But before you can start raiding you need to level up. And the best way to level up is to use a leveling guide. You want a leveling guide that gives you exactly what you want, the best talent build, the best quest path and most of all good quest tracking. You don’t want to be jumping from town to town all the time just because your leveling guide wasn’t made by intelligent people. Today a good leveling guide knows exactly how to finish a quest in shortest time possible and that means doing more things for more quests at one place at the time, in other words you want your leveling guide to multi-task quests for you.

Without any doubt, most of the content in WoW is made for max level players and that’s the main reason why players generally want to level up fast. You can check the home website and see what is the best horde or alliance leveling guide that will help you level up in record time.