Free Alliance Leveling Guide – Are They Any Good?

You have probably figured out what I think about every free alliance leveling guide from the title of the post, but if you read this article you will realize why.

Free Alliance Leveling Guide – Can You Trust Them?

Free Alliance Leveling Guide The main problem are many of those people who think they are super smart or expert players who “know it all”. I have foolishly used the wrong information too many times. If you ask for help from random group of people, don’t expect good advice. Generally I can say that if you search for “free alliance leveling guide” in Google you will find out that most of the guides are outdated and really bad.

You simply can’t trust everybody who spares 10 minutes to write something on the web. I got fooled many times in the game too and this is not because I’m stupid and believe everyone. In the game, when you want somebody to boost your character you usually boost his/her character with your other higher level hero. It happened that I helped the guy go trough a hard instance for his character and in the end I ended up him laughing and bailing when it was time to boost me. This is very common in whatever you are doing, some people are simply not honest and are planning to use your trust from the beginning.

You have to understand that a lot of players are not all hard-core experts who have been playing the game for years and scammers are always looking for those. I don’t consider myself an hard-core even though I’ve been playing it for years. I play to enjoy the game and maybe I’m an expert but definitely not hard-core.

The Most Important Thing About Free Alliance Leveling Guide

What’s the most important thing about free alliance leveling guide? The DATE. This includes every free¬†alliance leveling guide you can get online. I believe fooling WoW players is not in the interest of the creator of a free alliance leveling guide, but when a few game updates pass by without any update of the guide you get wrong information that is going to make your life a pain. It’s even worse when you are reading the guide for some time and then realize it was written 5 years ago and not updated for the last two expansions that you are playing today. :)

I have used many guides to level up or to farm. Very often I learned that the information on that free alliance leveling guide was completely wrong. In areas where I was supposed to find the most mines (My protection paladin is a miner) I found almost none. And then went to the “less desirable” area where I found plenty of full mines. The reason for that? Outdated information in the guide I was using. And yes, that was not a regular leveling guide, it was a free alliance leveling guide for mining. There are many different versions of leveling guides, basically for every profession available in the game and then for every single class and even race. If every alliance player thinks he/she can write a free alliance leveling guide then you will have one big mess when it comes to what advice to follow. People have different styles of playing the game and come to different conclusions. Even more players just share what they’ve heard from others and that advice is wrong too often. A good free alliance leveling guide is hard to find.

Free Alliance Leveling Guide – Not All Are Bad

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think every free alliance leveling guide is bad. The facts are that most are bad, but if you find one that is updated regularly and you know it has some sound and correct advice use it by all means. I’m not using any of them right now since I have other better guides that I’ve paid for but it’s definitely not wrong to use free ones if you’ve got nothing else. If you are a serious player and by that I mean if you are going to be playing for at least 6 months or so you can benefit a lot by getting a good guide for some bucks since you will save a lot of time and have more fun with your buddies when you’re done leveling. There are simply too many advantages to paid vs. free alliance leveling guide. It’s you decisions of course.

Compare Free vs. Paid Alliance Leveling Guide

Free alliance leveling guide can be good if you are willing to bother with it. A lot of them are available only on the website or download-able in pdf format. Now it is nothing wrong with that, it’s just that you have a better option. If you have a pdf guide you can print it out, but who has time reading all the text and playing at the same time, why not just play. Secondly it is quite expensive to always print it out. Let’s say that free guide gets updated and you are left with useless paper.

Alliance leveling guide that is available only on the website is even worse. You have to get out of the game whenever you want to get some advice. It is definitely not that much fun to play with it.

I share the belief with a lot of other players who have some experience with any of the paid alliance leveling guide that free guides are not worth the effort if you want to enjoy the game and level really fast at the same time. Every popular alliance leveling guide today includes an add-on that tells you exactly what to do after every level inside the game to achieve the fastest power leveling possible. This is true only for the paid guides since you cannot expect people to pay for development of add-ons for free alliance leveling guide. They don’t need to spend their money for other people. Now all paid guides are equally good if you ask me. Check the links below to get to other posts on this site where I talk more about it.

With the help from within the game you can level from 1 to 85 in about 4 days or even less of actual play time, really depends on your class and style but some people can be really fast.¬† This is all for this post, make sure you don’t jump on every free alliance leveling guide you find out there because it is probably outdated. Look below for other posts about alliance leveling guide that I have already posted, stay tuned for more.