Yes I know this is a Warhammer Online leveling guide review on a World of Warcraft website, but hang on with me, they are both MMORPG’s

Like any self respecting self claimed MMO lover/addict, I have started playing Warhammer Online – Age of Reckoning (Pre Ordered and started on the beta), the greatest new MMORPG to hit the gaming market for years.

First impressions of Warhammer Online – Age of Reckoning are great, PVP centered and what World of Warcraft PVP should have been, with involving quest lines, a fun balanced PVP combat system, makes you feel as if every action you do counts. But before I get too enthusiastic and start rambling, this isn’t the place for a Warhammer Online review per se (there are plenty of these free on the web at the moment) but to review another MMORPG Leveling guide, this time for the 1-40 journey that is Warhammer Online – Age of Reckoning.

I hate unguided leveling. I tried it a little with my first WOW toon, got the Joana’s Horde Leveling Guide and never looked back. The same is here with the new MMO Warhammer Online. So I did some research and found the first 1-40 Destruction and 1-40 Order Warhammer Online Leveling guides currently on the market.

So I bought a copy of the Destruction guide (hehe), not wanting to be left unguided through the World of Warhammer Online – Age of Reckoning.

At the time it only included the levels 1-20, though this is because the open beta only contained these levels, any further would breach their closed beta contract. It contains the usual guide format, a file with text based instructions and pictures explaining step by step how to level quickly in Warhammer Online. There is a nice touch of each quest guide explained deeply and like the World of Warcraft guides it works, and again I could feel myself speeding past people as I leveled (got a nice level 20 Magus, to PVP with).

It wasn’t perfect, as this guide had only just been released, but it has certainly helped me level in Warhammer Online and looked ready for leveling from 1-40. Whether or not you are inside the open beta, you should get this leveling guide to be ready for the release as it also comes with a risk free 30 day guarantee.

Another Warhammer Online 1-40 Leveling Guide

With the Warhammer Online – Age of Reckoning finally released leveling guides are popping up all over the place, and another one War online leveling guide that I’ve found that is better than the first one is Ashling’s Warhammer 1-40 Leveling Guides, at Ashlings World MMO Leveling Guides

Ashlings 1-40 leveling guide is unique in the aspect that unlike leveling guides all over different MMO’s, this guide offers a huge discount when both the Destruction 1-40 and Order 1-40 Warhammer leveling guides are bought. It makes sense. Many people like to try characters on both sides, so this guide has the advantage of not penalizing these people.

Their Warhammer Online – Age of Reckoning leveling guides are again a pdf file which you can either view on the website or download offline, on the website it says they have an ingame map mod coming soon, I look forward to it. The power leveling techniques like most of the Warhammer Online guides follow a mixture of normal quests, public quests and PVPing to gain experience and level up quickly. Just because this is one of the cheapest guides on the leveling guide market doesn’t mean that this is of lower quality, and I’m using both War leveling guides to level quite successfully at the moment.

War is everywhere!!!