This is a guide I’ve written for the new WOW 2.4 Sunwell quests. This is designed to help people at Phase 3 get all the quests done as fast as possible in the world of Warcraft.

Part One: Isle of Quel’Danas quests..

First take the portal to Sunwell from SC. The timer starts now.

First Accept (47 35)
Know your Ley Lines
The Air strikes must continue
The Battle Must Go On.

Then head South East towards the Phase 3 Shatter sun offensive area (49 40) and accept:
Interrupt the reinforcements.
Taking the Harbor
Making Ready.

When all three are accepted, head South West towards the green portal with demons coming out (48 44)

Kill 6 of the nearby demons (Any type.) and Stick the flag given by the “The Battle Must Go On” quest (you do not have to have kill the demon yourself.) Then use the crystal given by the “Know your Ley Lines” quest.

Head north until you reach a small building next to the sea (50 34). Kill anything around there for the quest “Taking the Harbor” (Doesn’t matter if you don’t get them all.) Head towards the Phase one area (47 28) Accept:

Further Conversions
Arm the Wards.

Head West while completing these quests by killing 5 Erratic Sentries and using the attuned crystals on them, and killing Felbloods untill 4 Mana reminants drop.. While moving west you will come to a building with a red bloodgem inside (42 35), head towards that, killing any bloodelves you still need for the quest “Taking the Harbor”

Then head East towards the fightmaster (48 25). Next to it is Ayren Cloudbreaker. Talk to her to do the following two bombing quests:
The Air strikes must continue:
Just bomb the Demons inside the dead scar, pit lords take 2 hits.

Intercepting the reinforcements.
Take the flight and bomb all three ships, then kill 6 Dawnblade reservists (Found on the three boats) then fly back (Flight is on the boat you landed on.)

Head south from the Phase one area too the phase 2 area and use the Mana renements next too the red crystal (47 33) to finish the Arm the Wards! quest.

From there go back to the building next to the sea with the Dawnblade on them (50 34) if you still need to kill any, then head East until you come to a south turning (56 37) Keep going south from there. Kill all the Darkspine Myrmidon on the way until you get 3 keys, use them on the chests.

Finally keep going south until you reach a small shrine in the water (61 62) Use the Crystal from the “Know Your Ley Lines” quest. Head back north and kill any Darkspine Myrmidon if you still need keys. You have now got all the Phase Three Isle of Quel’Danas quests. quests done.
Timer stops now
Best Time taken: 34m 46s
Reputation gained: 1700 Reputation with the Shattered Sun Offensive.
Gold earned: 97 Gold pieces.

Part 2: None Isle of Quel’Danas quests.

First pick up all three of the quests from SC that are for the shattered sun offensive. Equip the headpiece you get and fly West, heading towards the giant while crystal () There are ball of fire like stuff all around, use the head item near them six times, then head back East until you get to Hellfire Ramparts. Go to the throne of Kil’jaed (58 17) and pick up the two quests here. Kill 8 Fire elemental while having your pet out, and kill 4 Wrath Herald to get the demonic blood, and turn into none elites and kill 4 Fellblood initiate. Turn the quests in then head Directly North.

When you reach netherstorm,. Go to any of the blood elf area and kill until you get the plans. Then head North East and go into the Bashir landing in Blade Edge Mountains (45 30) Kill any of the Bashir there until a Phasing device drops. Use it and you will go out of phase, pick up ten Mana cells, then head back to SC and turn in all the quests.

Best Time taken: 36m 53s
Reputation gained: 900 Reputation with the Shattered Sun Offensive.
Gold earned: 54 Gold pieces.