Comment on Raiding The Alliance: World Tour 2007 June. by Naparmdeath.

hey Guys sounds like u had fun me myself have taken part in a server wide PvP assault on every alliance City on server Drak-Thul just b4 TBC came in then 6 major guilds hil the towns 1 hit the elf city 2 hit stormwind and 3 hit Iron forge my guild had the honour of hitting the fron gates prior to the other 2 guilds being summoned inside the tram station the lag was fonaminal we took out the 3 racial leaders Elf Gnome and Human but the lag was to bad to finish off the dwarf king the server shut down 4 times then we all retired as we gotalot of angry whispers from raiding guilds lol all in all 220 horde players took part alot of my guild migrated shortly after ……. Naparmdeath