Short Paladin Leveling Guide

This is going to be a very short paladin leveling guide for all of you who want some guidelines and tips on how to achieve high levels as fast as possible.

Since my main character is human Paladin which is obviously alliance I will give you some pointers that applied to my own experiences, of course you can use the same information for horde paladins, Blood Elves and Tauren are the only ones right now that can be Pallies (paladins).

Paladin Leveling Guide

The best talent tree for solo leveling is Retribution. I used to be Protection talented, but since I was leveling alone most of the time I needed quite some time to kill all the mobs and overall needed more time to finish quests. Changed to Retribution simply because you have higher DPS and can kill faster which makes most quests faster as well. If you intend to level alone most of the time, then please follow this paladin leveling guide and choose Retribution, you will be much faster.

Paladin Leveling Guide Talents

The talents that I choose or would choose right now (can’t exactly remember what talents I used that long ago):

Improved Judgement 2/2   better range of judgements

Crusader 3/3

Rule of Law 3/3

Pursuit of Justice 2/2

Guardian’s/ Favor 2/2

Divine Storm 1/1

In Protection: Seals of the Pure 2/2

In Holy: Seals of the Pure 3/3

Communion 1/1

The Art of War 3/3

Long Arms of the Law 2/2

Sacred Shield 1/1

Seals of Command 1/1

Sanctity of Battle 1/1

Sanctified Wrath 3/3

Divine Purpose 2/2

Repentance 1/1

Inquiry of Faith 3/3

Acts of Sacrifice 2/2

Zealotry 1/1

Arbiter of the Light 2/2

Of course this is just an example in this Paladin leveling guide of what  I would do. But you are always free to choose one talent along the other, so if you are having problems with survival you should first build talent like Sacred Shield as soon as possible. Any Paladin leveling guide that tells you exact talent tree and how to build it can be very wrong. What kinds of talents you should built depends a lot on your playing style and your gear. If you have no idea about what talents to take then just do like I show here, you will still be able to level to maximum level.

Obviously, for a weapon go for 2H (two-handed) weapon, if human like me go, for a mace or a sword since you have specialization. Get a slow weapon, the slowest the better… that is more important in the end though but still.

For rotation of spells, use what suits the battle most, when fighting more enemies use AOE spells and when one on one get your one-kill spells.

When fighting alone always remember to look at your health and mana to heal yourself. Heal as frequently as possible if you see that you can’t win without it. If you see you’re going to die but need just a few seconds more to win, bubble, heal and then end the battle.

Paladin Leveling Guide Stats

The best profession to go after is mining since it gives you some strength which is your main stat. In every Paladin leveling guide you will hear that strength is the way to go, because you need Attack Power. The stat after strength is stamina which gives you more HP. It’s basically like this:

Strength > Stamina > Intellect > Agility

Intellect gives you more mana which is very important for keeping your DPS or for surviving in fight, you have probably heard the same in every other paladin leveling guide. Agility gives you some critical and armor.

Paladin Leveling Guide Glyphs

The paladin glyphs that I think are worth getting.

Glyph of Judgment

Glyph of Crusader Strike

Glyph of Hammer of Wrath

Glyph of Blessing of Might

That’s pretty much what I’d get, most of these are also used in the endgame.

For any special paladin WoW add-ons, you can see my post where I wrote about add-ons. I don’t use any paladin specific add-ons myself.

Check out my post about best power leveling with the link below. Thanks for reading my Paladin leveling guide.