WOW Leveling Strategies & Questing

There are many known leveling strategies, some are faster than others but all of them have been used or are still being used by some players.

One of the most used leveling strategies is obviously questing. Every horde or alliance leveling guide that claims super fast leveling uses questing as the main leveling strategy to gain experience.

WOW Leveling Strategies

Leveling Strategies – What Is Questing?

Simple, doing quests. Quests give you experience when you finish them, you earn some gold and you also get experience while actually doing what the quests require of you. The secret to fast leveling with questing is knowing what quests to do and how to do them with least effort and in shortest time. This is just one of the leveling strategies that WoW players use today, but is definitely the most popular one.

The guide will decide what is the best quest to do next for your current level and your class and then give you step by step instructions on what to do, when to do them and where you have to go to finish that quest in record time. Each class is a bit different at questing and you can save hours of time if you choose the right gear and right talents. Without any doubt, questing is what most WoW players do and where you can achieve the fastest leveling especially if you are using a good Wow leveling guide.

One thing I really like about questing and why I also think it is the best is that you can do it in groups. A lot of times you can meet with 1,2 or more friends and do quests together. This can be a big boost for everyone involved if you are the same level. Since you need less time to kill mobs, less time to gather things that you need and you can also finish group quests very fast you will get very nice experience/time ratio. Not to mention group questing is the most fun out of  all leveling strategies.

Leveling Strategies – What is Grinding?

I think out of all leveling strategies, grinding is not as popular as it once was. If you are familiar with how popular grinding was a few years ago you would know it was the most popular of all leveling strategies for quite some people. The concept is very simple, you have to find an area where there are a lot of mobs that you can easily kill but still get nice experience and they re-spawn fast. If you can kill lots of mobs (using AOE skills and spells is the best) at the same time, then grinding might be right for you. Not all classes can do it successfully. Find a good spot with lots of mobs and then just keep killing them for as long as you want. When you kill them you get experience, the faster you kill them the faster you level up. Unfortunately the whole grinding becomes very boring to me since you do the same thing for hours, it’s more work than fun and I’ve never done it for more than few hours. You also need a lot of bag space since you will gather a lot of items that these mobs drop. If you don’t mind doing the same thing for hours and have great AOE abilities, killing more enemies fast, then leveling with grinding might be just for you. There are quite some guides out there but none are very known or famous. Since I have no experience with them I can’t recommend them to you. If you ask me, grinding is the most boring of all leveling strategies and I don’t practice it at all.

Leveling Strategies – Dungeon Power Leveling

Some people also use dungeons for faster leveling. It is quite common and a lot of people do it. It is actually a part of questing in general, except that you focus on dungeons only. You kill a lot of mobs fast since you are in the group, get some good gear, earn some gold and get experience finishing special dungeon quests that give more xp than regular ones. I visit the dungeons a lot since you can get a nice experience boost if you get a good group together. If you have a really good friend in the guild he can boost you trough a higher level dungeon while you get all the loot, gold and lots of experience. I would recommend dungeon power leveling to everyone since it’s quite fun to do and of all leveling strategies the one I can do over and over again and never get bored. These are the most common leveling strategies in World of Warcraft, you might come along different names for them but every WoW player does some form of this.