Comment on Joana’s 1-85 World of Warcraft Horde leveling Guide Review by Warcraft Addict.

Just going to say (towards “That impressive?”) that the time of 4 days was done via the following things:

1: No help. No instance boosting. He ran this on a brand new server that didn’t have any lvl 70’s on it.

2: Minimal to no rested XP. He never seems to log out in an inn for the bonus.

3: Before Patch 2.3 Nowadays all leveling from 20-60 has two bonuses:
XP needed per level is reduced by 25%.
XP given per quest increased by 25%.

A time of 1 Day odd is possible if you break all three of the following rules, as was shown by Athene.

Nowadays with Joana’s guide I’m guessing you could level to around 2-3 days (25% less XP needed + 25% extra XP from quests=50% faster ish leveling from 20-60). I think he is waiting for new servers to open up before he gives a try to beat his record again. It’s one of the best guides for solo leveling.

Towards Vazzewarrior:

Joana himself hasn’t made an alliance guide, but someone who took inspiration from him did. He got a time similar to Joana for the Alliance, and Joana recommends him for alliance leveling.