Comment on Joana’s 1-85 World of Warcraft Horde leveling Guide Review by maverick.

My friend and me both chipped into buy this guide, and it is very very useful. Because we level together most of the time it makes quests alot faster ofc , but for kiloing questiong we get much less XP, so we both have to find ourselves grinding to the next level to keep up with the guide sumtimes.

Also, like mentioned above, if you are a beginner to wow this quide just might be a bit to complex and confusing for you. My friend, (noooob) that i was leveling, could not have followed this guide on his own, coz he simply didnt know where anything was, and what some of the abreviations meant. Luckily, it was my alt i was leveling with him, not a mina lol, so i was able to help him through it.

So far i have tried a few leveling guides, but got really bored with them, and didnt like the lack of pictures showing where to go. This has been by far my best leveling time (belf pally 1 – 32 / 22 hours played).

The only other problem, is that sometimes the Hunter only parts can get a bit annoying and confusing. But apart form that it is the best guide