Joana’s 1-70 and 70-80 and 80-85 World of Warcraft Horde leveling Guide

Cataclysm and Wrath of the Lich King Update:
The Joana’s 70-80 and 80-85 Horde leveling Guide has been released for the new expansion, and includes all of the 1-70 features below in level 70-80 and 80-85 format for The Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm.

The new 70-80 and 80-85 Horde guide includes an ingame map mod, now rather than tabbing out to check the PDF guide all your WOW leveling is achieved ingame.

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Original Joana’s 1-70 Horde leveling Guide Review

Me and my Dad have been playing World of Warcraft together. Enjoying the World of Warcraft universe from the first day, playing and questing together as a father and son team, whooping ass in PVP since our classes work very well together and we can relay information to each other faster than typing since we play WOW in the same room. I play an Undead Affliction Warlock, he plays a Troll Shadow Priest.

Yet something both of us had in common was the difficulty in leveling up quickly, this is no longer a problem since we found Joana’s Horde leveling guide. Don’t be put off by the scammy sales page, this guide is well worth the money

The Joana 1-70/70-80 Horde power leveling World of Warcraft guide is created by Joana (also known as Mancow) the winner of many Blizzard power leveling competitions, and has the fastest Horde leveling time from 1-60 known!

You get 4 leveling guides with the WOW 1-70 Joana’s Horde leveling guide ebook package:

WOW Horde Leveling 1-80 Guide and Tips

Joana’s 1-25 Blood Elf Leveling Guide
Joana’s 1-60 Horde Leveling Guide
Joana’s 60-70 Outland Step-by-Step Guides
Joana’s 60-70 Outland Reference Guide

Before we found Joana’s guide, leveling was a chore. Levels 1-30 took me around 2-3 days /played time. And levels 30-40 took me a whopping 7 days!!!!

Considering the author of the power leveling guide did 1-60 in 4 days, 20 hours, this is a terrible leveling time. By the way I was playing, I’d have a final /played time of around 40 days just get to level 60, with days of boring grinding.

I didn’t want to think about levels 60-70!!!

It took my Dad longer since he didn’t go for quests as well as I did, since I write the World of Warcraft Quest guides on this site, meaning he often did quests when they greyed out, finishing the World of Warcraft Quests when he randomly stumbled across them, meaning he got less experience.

How the Joana’s 1-70 Horde power leveling guides are formatted

The 3 step by step power leveling guides all come in the same format. The HTML files the guides are on are split into sections depending on level, for example.; levels 46-47 you should be questing at the Hinterlands to gain the most experience.

This section of Joana’s 1-70 Horde leveling guide ebook is shown below –

Click for a larger image

World of Warcraft Joana's 1-70 Horde leveling guide ebook

You’ll come back to the Hinterlands later for level 50 in Joana’s power leveling guide, so you can do the quests that where too hard when you where there last. This makes questing much more efficient then struggling through hard quests.

To the left side of each section is the bulk of the guide. Step by step instructions guide you through the power leveling process Joana uses when he did his legendary 4 days 20 hours 1-60 speed leveling run.

The ebook guides you when to accept quests, complete quests, turn in quests, when to explore a new area and when to set your hearthstone to gain the maximum experience in the shortest time.

To the right is a large map of the area, showing exactly where each of the corresponding steps are from the text part of the guide. Drawn in circles to tell you where general mobs are and little squares showing where individual quest giver/boss are located.

At the end of each section are 2 links to videos of the guide being completed in High quality and low quality.

Using the Joana’s video’s

Just by watching the video’s you can see the author of this guide is a leveling machine, and gain valuable playing tips. Before I watched one of the video’s, I used to play in an inefficient way, even though I play a Warlock, I didn’t use my pet to maximise my leveling speed. Joana wouldn’t stop fighting just to drink/open something/do a gathering profession, he’d start doing what he needed, send his pet in to start fighting, then join back into the battle when he was finished.

Another thing I learned from the video was what type of drinks to keep with you. Before, I used to keep all the drinks I got, from low level milk, to high level morning glory dew, and never buying any from the vendor, making due with small amount of drinks that drop. I now buy the best drinks I can have at my level, making sure I have near a full stack every time I come to a drink vendor.

How WOW Joana’s 1-70 Horde leveling Guide works

The Joana’s World of Warcraft 1-70 leveling guide works because of the large amount of experience a quest will give you. Lets say you need to kill 10 monsters to finish 2 quests, you might get 2000 XP from killing the monsters, but turning in each of the quests might give you 5000 Experience each, giving you 12000 Xp in the same time a person grinding will only get 2000. All the hard work of finding which quests to do as been taken out with the Joana’s World of Warcraft leveling Guide :)

How can Joana’s WOW Horde 1-70 Guide work for you

I’ve leveled from 43-60 with the guide. I was at 14 days /played time when I was at level 43, I got to level 60 4 days later. This was after I helped set up a guild, got lots of cool Battle ground equipment, and got a Gurubashi arena trinket, which requires for me to win a FFA (Horde vs Horde vs Alliance vs Alliance) battle in Stranglethorn Vale, and loot the chest that appears every three hours. Then I had to do it 11 more times. (I also helped guild members start getting the trinket, our guild must have won 60 odd times, even when playing against level 70’s :)

Verdict: Ever since I’ve bought the guide, the enjoyment of World of Warcraft has increased ten fold. I’m not a power leveler but I do want to be always doing a quest, never grinding or stopping. If you want to level up quickly while having fun, or even have a reference to look at for your Horde character, this World of Warcraft power leveling guide is for you. As i said before, don’t be put off by the scammy sales page, with free lifetime updates, and 4 different guides, $37 is a bargain since if you are not impressed you can get 100% of your money back. Great as that perfect gift for someone who loves World of Warcraft.

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