Does Blizzard Allow Using WoW Leveling Guides

There are many people who are just not sure if using those special wow leveling guides is even legal and OK with Blizzard. The answer is not so simple and if you want to read a more detailed answer read this article. But concerning all the wow leveling guides that are reviewed on this website the answer is.

Yes, Blizzard allows using all of WoW leveling guides that are reviewed on this website.

WoW Leveling Guides - Dugi's

That doesn’t mean you can use every kind of guide and mod to your liking just wow leveling guides that you can see on this website. Check the link at the end to see them.

What “WoW Leveling Guides” Are Not Allowed

Well we cannot call scripts and bots “WoW leveling guides” since they are something else. Any mod or script that works like a bot, automatically, for everything a player should do is completely illegal and forbidden. Using a mod or add-on like that is highly risky as many people, also my friends, have figured out. Blizzard will find out that you are using some code that’s not allowed and will ban you eventually. I do not advise on using any illegal help for any reason if you care about your account and keeping it for some time. Mods for me are a “no-go” simply because I don’t want to risk my account. It would really make me feel bad if my account got banned because of fishing with a bot.

Why use WoW leveling guides?

The reason for that is very simple if you ask me. There is no other way on earth by which you can level faster and not get banned by Blizzard. If you want to know why to level faster, check out the links below.

Leveling faster is simply what you want to do after you get bored of leveling and like end-game content more. I loved leveling when I started playing but no matter how beautiful and awesome the game might be for you, in the end you will get bored and want to do something different. This is when end game content gets very interesting for you.

Good WoW leveling guides will give you information and advice on more levels. The main and most basic one is what quests are the best for earning big experience in the shortest time. You will be set into the right direction, just like QuestHelper add-on but with  most efficient quest path that is calculated by the add-on and takes race, class and level into your account, probably even other things. So you are basically led by hand trough every quest in the shortest time possible. Of course QuestHelper cannot even compare to what some wow leveling guides can offer. The advice given is simply amazing and playing really got a lot more fun. You don’t need to look at the map all the time since wow leveling guides do that for you, plus they show you exactly where to go and what to do there. It’s basically having your own game GPS that also know what you have to do. Reading quests might be fun for you, but a lot of them repeat and they get really boring. WoW leveling guides do that instead of you.

What WoW Leveling Guides Mustn’t Do

Most of the WoW leveling guides also offer information on professions, but never do things for you. If you think an add-on will mine ore for you, you are mistaken. Any code or add-on that mines ore for you without you actually sitting behind the screen is strictly forbidden. The guides will tell you where the mines and good areas for mining are, or where you can buy that special and rare recipe that you want. When I remarked that I don’t want to “lose my account to fishing” I actually meant the fishing bot. What it does is fish for you and you don’t even have to be present at your computer since it’s completely automated. This is exactly why a lot of player get banned for. Having high fishing skill might bring you some gold in the long run, you can also play at fishing competitions, but if you are willing to risk you Warcraft account for that you have to be a bit crazy. Good WoW leveling guides that are allowed by Blizzard will never automate everything, but only help you do the hardest part.

Most of the WoW leveling guides also give you access to some of the most popular discussion websites and forums where you will find a solution to every problem while actually playing the game. You don’t have to exit it or even use alt-tab. This is very cool if you ask me, and it saves a lot of time for me. While I travel on the public transport system I go check for some ideas and tips on whatever I’m struggling with and save a lot of time, plus I can chat with my buddies as well.

You probably already know that World of Warcraft is very complicated and a deep game if you want to play good. You can never stop looking for improvements and tests of other players, or even test some things yourself. Being good in WoW is an ongoing process and good WoW leveling guides can definitely help you with that.