Me and Trelp (A shadow priest RL friend.) have been doing arena lately. Now even though the official EU forums are filled with SP + WARLOCK OP NERF PLX!!, there isn’t much real information on how Warlocks and Shadow Priests can win and lose in arena, mostly stating facts like ‘Drain Mana removes 100% mana in 3 seconds!’ and ‘Shadow bolt crits for 500k!’.

Now I’m not saying I’m a uber player with imba skills, but below are a few details about our stats, and videos of all practice and Rated matches, which should help some people. Recently we have been getting really into 2V2 arena, there will probably be a lot of posts.

People should know I’m not a video editer, I’ve done some basic video cropping, but I’ve left everything in from the fighting so people can learn.

Team name: Do or Die
Team Members:
Rating: 1650

Trelps Stats:
HP: 10k
Mana: 8.6k
Resilience: 114
Shadow DMG: 809

Bainshies Stats:
hp: 9.7K
Mana: 9k
Resilience: 144

So on with the videos :D

Date: 02/11/2007
Practice matches played: 9
Rated matches played: 4
Win loss: 3-1
Download File: Either Right click save as.. to download, or left click to view in streaming format
First battle:
Opponents: Two rogues.
Outcome: Win
Comment: Was surprised at wining this, though HOT and Psychic screaming at the right teams meant we could blast one down for long enough.
Fight Download

Second battle:
Opponents: Druid-Rogue.
Outcome: Win
Comment: We somehow manage to out DMG the huge healing power of a Druids insta HOT
Fight Download

Third battle:
Opponents: Druid-Warrior.
Outcome: Win
Comment: Silencing the Druid inside of the cat form was cool, allowing Trelp to kill him with a few of my DOT’s
Fight Download

Fourth battle:
Opponents: Druid-Mage.
Outcome: Loss
Comment: Trelp died to fast, though i lasted quite long at the end, just to many people stunning me.
Fight Download

Fourth battle:
Opponents: Mage-Mage.
Outcome: Loss
Comment: All their cooldowns kill trelp insta, but getting one dead and the other to 40% is no mean feat :D
Fight Download

Fifth battle:
Opponents: Mage-Rogue.
Outcome: Win
Comment: Managed to do enough DMG to both to allow Trelp to finish him off
Fight Download

Sixth battle:
Opponents: Paladin-Rogue.
Outcome: Win
Comment: Trelp did a mass dispel at the right time, one dead Pally :D
Fight Download

Seventh battle:
Opponents: Warlock-Mage.
Outcome: Loss
Comment: No idea what we could have done better.
Fight Download

Eighth battle:
Opponents: Warlock-Rogue.
Outcome: win
Comment: Something people don’t get. If there is no healer, target the warlock and he can’t Drain life=Dies fast.
Fight Download

Ninth battle:
Opponents: Warrior-Rogue.
Outcome: loss
Comment: Bugger hell i need resilience, i must have got critted 20 times in a row!
Fight Download

Rated Battles:

Team name: Easy one
Rating: 1803
Opponents: Warrior-Mage
Outcome: +22
Comment: Good old Trelp healing me :D
Fight Download

Team name: Who What Where
Rating: 1550
Opponents: Warrior-Paladin
Outcome: +13
Comment: This is how you kill this combo. The paladin didn’t get one heal :D
Fight Download

Team name: Pro Skaterz
Rating: 1778
Opponents: Warrior-Shaman
Outcome: -12
Comment: We let the shaman put his totems, big mistake!
Fight Download

Team name: JEBE
Rating: 1570
Opponents: Warlock-Mage
Outcome: +16
Comment: Trelp died fast, but i still managed to kill the mage and warlock at 20% and 65#% :D
Fight Download


Hope you enjoy, a comment wouldn’t go a miss (Though any Nerf comments will be deleted, this is not a class discussion post.)