Team IDemise 1-85 Horde and Alliance World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King and Catclysm Leveling Guide review.

Back when my first level 80 Warlock was only a tiny level 30, I decided to try my first WOW leveling guide, the Burning Crusade expansion had just been released! Since I was having problems leveling as fast as I would have liked, Joana’s World of Warcraft Horde leveling guide was my choice after reading multiple forum posts about his speed leveling records. I later wrote a Joana’s 1-85 Horde Leveling Guide Review on this website (later updated to level 70-85).

Since then my Warlock has hit level 80 and I have a variety of level 80’s spread over several different servers and classes (I like changing a lot for when the Blizzard Nerf-Bat(TM) swings amiss) using Joana’s leveling guide for the Horde toons and Brian Kopps leveling guide for Alliance toons.

When I first started using Joana’s and Brian’s WOW Horde and Alliance leveling guide I wouldn’t have thought they could be improved on so much. And then came along the Team IDemise 1-85 Horde and Alliance leveling guides including their ingame map mod.

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Best World of Warcraft Leveling Guide

Since buying my first WOW leveling guide in 2007, I’ve tried several other leveling guides on offer for both the Horde and Alliance. Some where good, others fatally out of date, and few filled with nothing but nonsense. It seemed my first two leveling guides I had brought had been my only good ones. Until I brought these new guides from Team IDemise for Horde and Alliance Wrath of the Lich King levels 70-85.

This WOW: WOTLK guide was written by, surprise surprise, the IDemise team, a hardcore gaming team specialising in Counter Strike and the Quake series. In this Horde and Alliance leveling guide they have turned their gaming prowess towards the World of Warcraft, and the leveling aspect of it, and like true Hardcore gaming enthusiasts, broken every World of Warcraft leveling record set to date.

What you get with the IDemise 1-85 Horde and Alliance Wrath of the Lich King Leveling guides

Like most World of Warcraft leveling guides you get a file with the leveling guide on (printable). This comes with quest lists and instructions, pictures, everything you should need to get started quickly leveling with questing.

Unlike other Wrath of the Lich King leveling guides, Team IDemise have covered practically everything anyone might want while leveling a WOW toon. Both Horde and Alliance, all starting zones, and compatible with all classes, not only solo friendly Hunters and Warlocks.

Wrath of the Lich King Ingame Leveling Mapmod

Team IDemise 1-85 Horde leveling guide Review

The main selling point of the Team iDemise leveling guides over the competiton is the ingame mapmod V2 that they have developed. This World of Warcraft mod effectively points you into the right direction in game with a nice big arrow of where to go while questing.

Looking onto your main map you can see each of the steps, select which step you need to complete next, read the informative guide and the tasks you need to perform, and then just follow the arrow as you play WOW and complete the quests! It removes a lot of the frustration and to some degreee guess work many other guides give (“so it told me to do this quest, but if said **** nothing about the elite right next to the area!”). It is the equivalent of having a member of the Team iDemise gaming team sat right next to you, giving you directions to super fast Horde and Alliance WOW leveling.

Pretty cool.

You also get Free expert World of Warcraft Leveling tips that give vital information about optimal power leveling, an addition to the mod that helps you spend talent points for the optimal leveling build, and free life time updates with every new content patch. Adding on the fact that this Word of Warcraft Leveling Guide is twice as cheap as any other Power leveling guide, since you get both Horde and Alliance 1-80 WOW Leveling guides in the same package, and you can clearly see that this leveling guide is a cut above the rest.

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