How To Get The Best Alliance Leveling Guide?

Hello welcome to this brand new website where we are going to be looking for the best alliance leveling guide for (by my opinion) the best PC game ever made. Word of Warcraft of course!

I have been playing WOW myself for some time now, have 3 max level characters and I don’t plan to cancel my subscription very soon. Yes, I’m hooked, but still keep my other life in order.

Power Leveling=Good Alliance Leveling Guide

I think power leveling is only possible with a good alliance leveling guide. And by good alliance leveling guide I mean up to date, relevant advice that is easily used inside the game and helps you achieve lots of experience fast. Since I’m only playing with alliance we are going to be looking for best alliance leveling guide only.  I have never seriously played with the horde since they have a good amount of very good players and I like being the underdog. At least that’s the case on my realm.

Who Doesn’t Need Alliance Leveling Guide?

When you start your own character with level 1 you want to get to the max level (85 after Cata) as fast as possible to get into the real playing; heroic instances, raids, hard quests and most of all PvP. Of course I understand some people actually like leveling up slowly and doing all the quests with no regard to how much time they spend leveling up so they don’t need any kind of alliance leveling guide. If you are one of those people you don’t have to read this, but eventually you’ll get bored and then come back. :)

Is Good Alliance Leveling Guide Usually Paid or Free?

There are many World of Warcraft, horde and alliance leveling guides available online. You have free guides and tips that are usually not so good but still give you some kind of a direction to follow. Without any doubt, the best guides are usually not free and you have to pay for them. The best ones also include special add-ons, mods that help you with your leveling. A good guide will tell you exactly what quests to do and in what succession. The guide will calculate beforehand how you can get the most of experience (xp) in the shortest amount of time. But this is far from everything that leveling guides do.

The best alliance leveling guide will also tell you what skill points to use after achieving each level to get a character most adapted to fast leveling and questing for experience.

Additionally, a good alliance leveling guide will give you information on what gear to choose to really make sure your character becomes leveling bad-ass. I’ve seen guys finish leveling from 1 to (at the time) level 80 in just a few days of play time. Less than 7 days of played time! And this is really really fast even if you are using a hunter with the best alliance leveling guide in the world you will have quite a hard time doing this. Well for the rest of us, not hard-core players who spend 12 hours per day playing, a good guide can have a tremendous impact on leveling speed.

Alliance Leveling Guide – Alternative

A lot of players and many of my friends still use the old Quest-Helper add-on that you can get for free. Yes definitely the add-on is very good if you have nothing else, but it can never compare to a real alliance leveling guide you can get today. You will never be able to achieve max level faster than with a paid guide no matter how good of an expert for Quest-helper you are. I did most of my first character without the QH and I was really slow, but that’s how everybody started.

Today you can start a level 1 character and level up to 85 in about 1 month of real time, depends how much you play per day.  There are many people that have 10+ maximum level characters that helped themselves with a good wow guide.

How Can Alliance Leveling Guide Help You

If you want to use all of the options that the game offers you should have as many characters as you want. There are many different classes and with newer expansions there will probably be even more. So having many different characters is definitely more fun. If you are in a guild or playing with your friends there are many times when you are looking for a certain class, a tank or a healer for a raid or some other event. You can be a very valuable member of the guild if you can offer many characters of different class. While this can all be achieved without any kind of help it is a lot easier with a good alliance leveling guide, if you are playing on that side.

While leveling to max level might take you 20+ days per character without a good alliance leveling guide, you can achieve the same max level in less than half the time which saves you a lot of time and effort. Leveling usually means doing quests, but doing them over and over again you soon realize they repeat very often and the whole game become a bit boring. With quality alliance leveling guide you can cut that time to the minimum so you can enjoy the parts of the game that are more fun, like raiding for good gear and playing in PvP battles. World of Warcraft is a competition and those that don’t put in the effort to be successful are usually always pretty bad at playing. The ultimate challenge of the game is PvP. Especially the arena where you have to rely on your own skill and sometimes on your friend’s too. Alliance leveling guide will help you to have a wide variety of heroes to choose from so you can play the one you like the best or is complimentary to your friend’s class.