How To Get And Install a WOW Alliance Leveling Guide

This here is going to be a short article on how to download and get an alliance leveling guide that you just bought. It is a very simple process but it’s never wrong if you explain it. Most of the people are already familiar with using online payment processors. If you are playing World of Warcraft you know that paying over internet is quite safe today and not many people have problems doing it.

How To Get Alliance Leveling Guide 1st Process

So once you decide what alliance leveling guide you want to get you simply follow their payment process. Most accept PayPal and all major credit cards and you will have no problem paying with either of them. Every alliance leveling guide reviewed here has one time payment only and you won’t have to pay continuously. This is very important as people get scammed like this by getting bad alliance Leveling Guides. They think it’s 1 time payment but in reality they get charged every month or so which makes the guide very expensive. Fortunately you will rarely find an alliance leveling guide like that since they are mostly taken away or denounced as scams. Feel very safe when ordering from out website because they all use very safe and proven payment processes that are being used by a lot of professional companies.

How To Get Alliance Leveling Guide 2nd Process

This is when the download and installation of your alliance leveling guide begins. Once you get the download link for the alliance leveling guide you will save it somewhere on your computer. After that check if it’s zipped. If it’s zipped it will say some like “file”.zip and you will have to use some unzip program. If you don’t already have one, get Winzip and unzip your alliance leveling guide as said in the guidelines or somewhere on your computer you will know where to find.

Once you have your files, read any guidelines and follow them. Mostly you will get pds text guides and also files for a special in-game add-on that will really help you with your leveling.

If you want to read pdf text guide you can get a free Adobe Reader that can read it. For installing alliance leveling guide as your add-on follow the instructions just like installing any other add-on.

If you don’t have any instructions on how to install alliance leveling guide add-on, do this:

Once you have your alliance leveling guide add-on files unzipped on your computer, select and copy them.

Go to the add-ons folder in WoW folder, usually this is: C:Program Files/World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons

Where to install alliance leveling guide?

If you can’t find it, use the search tool inside your system to find World of Warcraft folder and then go to Interface and Addons.

Paste the unzipped alliance leveling guide into the Addons folder.

Then start World of Warcraft and click the addons button at the bottom in the menu where you choose characters.

If alliance leveling guide add-on is installed correctly it will show in the menu and you will be able to change some settings.

Then just go into the game and see if the alliance leveling guide is working as it should. In case you have any problems, always check again if you have done everything as described in the instructions or here.

If nothing works and your alliance leveling guide is still not working, then check their help contact information and ask them about your problem. World of Warcraft Quest Guides should be working on Mac and PC without any problem. I hope this short instructions on how to install alliance leveling guide add-on will help you.