Well this is my This is number four on my How To Kill: video, and it is about Terron Gorefiend, a boss in Black Temple that guilds generally try to kill fourth.

The lore behind this guy is quite rich, involving him dieing several times, coming back in different forms, eventually being re resurrected by the player in a previous quest line.

I had to merge two videos into one for this, since the Ghost thing didn’t happen to me that time, a first in video editing. I hope it helped. The video is down below.(hosted on www.veoh.com due to the large file size (42 MB))

Things not mentioned in the Video:
Guardian spirit has in total 5 abilities. I mentioned three of them in the video, but there are two more:
Spirit Shield: absorbs up to 12000 shadow damage on a friendly target. 90 second cooldown. Should be used if you have time and a healer.
Spirit Strike: deals ~700 dmg to the target and decreases the damage they do by 10% for 5 seconds. Must be performed in melee range of target. Should be used when there are no adds left on the boss.

I mentioned everything in the video, it really is such an easy fight. Again no music, and I’m still trying to get better at editing. Comments about the video are welcome and you can contact me at moonhoaxSP@AMgmail.com (Replace the SP@AM with @)