This is the first in a line of videos on killing endgame bosses. Since with the release of patch 2.4, lots of new guilds will be entering Black Temple, and I’ve decided to start creating tutorial based videos about any boss that I kill from now on.

Now I’m not a video expert, I basically learnt stuff I wanted halfway through editing the video. I haven’t chosen any music yet, just plat some of your own. I’ve tried to show all aspects of the fight, but I’m not perfect (we are killing a boss at the time :D)

The first boss I’m going to cover is Supremus, the Second boss of Black Temple. I would have done High Warlord Naj’entus, but it turns out that Taksi Desktop recorder doesn’t work with 2.4, so all I got was a 200000 KB file of a black screen. A Quick install of GameCam V2, and I managed to get the kill of Supremus on tape.

Supremus is the second boss of Black temple, an abyssal. A video tutorial of the fight can be found below.(hosted on due to the large file size (37 MB))

You might need to install a plugin of some kind, this is so the video is high quality.

Things not mentioned in the Video:
Supremus has a high amount of fire resistance, so getting a Warlock to pop up Curse of Elements to combat this isn’t a bad idea.
With patch 2.4 Supremus has been working out, his hit box and model size considerably bigger (This video shows this)
The DMG Supremus does is around 5-7K on plate
There is a small delay between getting hit from the fire and the DMG being dealt, allowing you to run away even after the ‘burning’ model has been shown.
Update: The bug I’ve shown happens when someone is too close to a solid structure, probably to stop guilds just hiding under the stuff.

Hope this helps at least someone, will be posting up Shade of Aran/High Warlord Naj’entus next. Any comments are welcome since I’m just learning using video editing and making guides like this.