This is the next installment of How To Kill: Video guides, designed to teach people how to kill endgame bosses. This post is refering to Shade of Akama.

Shade of Akama is the (Generally) third boss of Black temple. Lore wise it is the dark part of Akamas soul that keeps him binded to illidans service. Killing him after Supremus is preferable since it is an easy fight which gets rid of a load of trash. A video tutorial of the fight can be found below.(hosted on due to the large file size (37 MB))

Things not mentioned in the Video:
The sorcerers Don’t Need to be killed, but killing them speeds Shade of AKamas movement towards Akama.
The adds that spawn have a few special abilities:

Ashtongue Guardian:
Debilitating Strike – Melee strike that does 100% weapon damage and applies a debuff that lasts 5 seconds, reducing any melee damage done by the target by 75%.

Ashtongue Elementalist:
Rain of Fire – An AoE ability, just like the warlock’s Rain of Fire in size and appearance, doing 2,500 – 3,800 damage per tick to anyone in it.

Ashtongue Rogue:
Debilitating Poison – A poison that increases the time between the target’s attacks by 50%, increases it’s casting time by 50% and deals 1665 to 1935 nature damage every 2 seconds. It must be dispelled as soon as possible.

Ashtongue Spiritbinder:
Spirit Mend – Heals an Ashtongue ally, healing 2500 every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. Purge-able.
Chain Heal – A healing spell that heals up to 5 allies for 6938-8062 health.

This is my second video. Again no music, and I’m still trying to get better at editing. Comments about the video are welcome and you can contact me at (Replace the SP@AM with @)