Lots of exciting things happening to Bainshie, my Undead Warlock, yesterday (7th of July).

First I finally reached that expensive 300 in engineering. Before I had picked the Skinning and Mining combo, but since both are just gathering professions, I was getting bored. So I dropped skinning and took up the more exiting Engineering. It cost me a whopping 300g to buy all the mats, and I still have to choose whether to go with Goblin or Gnome, but It was worth it.

Secondly and more importantly, I was doing the old Hillsbrad instance in the Caverns of time, and has I finished the quest line, I hit the big 70! I didn’t get a /played time in my shot, but my final time was 23 days, 28 hours, just 6 days from 60-70 thanks to the Joana’s 1-70 Horde leveling guide.

Level 70 Bainshie

No more leveling Bainshie anymore, now I have to get the 6000 gold I need for my epic mount, which is why I’m going to be testing out the World Of Warcraft Cash Creating Guide , and World Of Warcraft WoW Valkors Gold Making Guide . I also need to get 700 spell DMG from my gear, and get my Kara Attunment started.

Lastly yesterday the gates of AQ opened on my server, just half an hour after i dinged to 70. Hundreds of people must have turned up to that, and it was opened by the Alliance guild Phantas Magoria. Normally I don’t give a shout out to the Alliance, but the guild of Phantas Magoria, you get my thanks and respect, without you I’d have to wait till the 15th of July to see my first gate opening.

After that we messed around a bit with the AQ20 instance, killing the second boss after everyone running back to the corpse around 6 times! But it was great fun for all.

So yesterday I got my Engineering to 300, Dinged to 70, started Kara attunement, and got to my first AQ gate opening. Yesterday can be said to be a good day :D