My Short Gold Making Guide

I am going to make a short gold making guide for anyone to get some nice gold from the beginning. Starting from level 1 up, when you have basically zero gold you cannot really go into trading since you need some capital to invest.

The gold making guide on this page is mine, but this is probably the best gold making guide you can get

World of Warcraft Gold Making Guide

Gold Making Guide – First Things First

First things first, create a completely new character on the same server and on the same side, so if you are playing Alliance human, create another human character. This one will be your “mule” as some people call it. The only job of this character is to stay at the auction house and sell your stuff for gold. This is a great way to speed up your gold making simply because you won’t have to look for auction houses when your bags are full, but just send your items trough mailboxes to your “mule”.

Then your “mule” will sell them on auction house and send you the gold back. You can be leveling or doing everything else you want and also getting gold into the mail without going to the auction house yourself. This is the simplest tips of this gold making guide.

Gold Making Guide – Professions

Ok, so the first thing I would do is not care about making gold for the first 5 levels. Before following first gold making guide tips you should level to at least 5. To get to level 5 you will need very little time, just do the quests are the starting point. When you reach level 5 learn 2 professions. And those 2 professions MUST be gathering ones. I know every player wants to know how to enchant or do weapons and armor, but those crafting professions are only going to make you poor. Leveling these is very hard and it requires a lot of gold to get to a sufficient level. Trust me, i know. I took mining and blacksmithing  for my first toon and my blacksmith professions is still under-leveled, not to mention I spend hundreds of gold to get to where I am right now (about 400).

Choose mining and skinning/herbalism.

I definitely think that mining is the best gathering profession to be in. I made thousands of gold with it. I remember selling 20 Thorium ore for 70g per stack. Of course, the price is changing all the time and you want to get a good idea of how much is reasonable. Do as said in this gold making guide and you will end up richer in the long run.

Now that you have learned your professions, don’t forget to buy the tools. Buy mining pick for mining and skinning knife for skinning, I believe herbalism doesn’t require any tools.

Now you probably already have some stack of linen cloth or any kind of meat and other white items, check the price on auction house-AH and sell anything of worth. Grey items are not useable for anything, you simply sell them to vendors at any opportunity you have.

White items on the other side are useful for some professions and some people. Things that sell frequently are all kinds of ore, cloth, skins, herbs, potions, food, good weapons and armor. You can already gather ore and herbs which will make you quite some money. Hooray for this gold making guide

Gold making guide tip: After making your first gold, buy bigger bags, I usually look for bags that are bigger ones but still have a reasonable price, less than 20g per bag. Buy bags for all your bag slots, if you don’t have enough gold just go do some more quests and gather items whenever you see one. Use the map search so you will have an easier time finding them. Also, I use Gatherer add-on that you can get here. Skin animals when you kill them if you took skinning.

Every time you have access to mailbox and have some items to send, do it. You can never know when you will find a great area for gathering and then fill up all the bags. This section is probably the most important in this gold making guide.

Gold Making Guide Questing&Leveling

Now that you mine every ore vein, skin every animal and pick up every herb you see and sell them on AH with your “mule” you are getting quite some money. Since the best advice that rich people can give I will include it into this gold making guide. It’s very simple “Save more than you spend!”. Duh?! Well way too many people spend their money on foolish things and then whine how little money they have.

When you are leveling up you don’t need to buy any kind of weapons or armor, you will get both from quests and dungeons. Don’t buy food or potions since you also get those from quests and various boxes around. The only thing you should spend gold on is learning higher level professions, riding skills, new spells and abilities and buying mounts. Save your gold and very soon you will have more than most other players.

Here’s another tip for this gold making guide, always choose items that have higher vendor price after finishing quests. Usually the difference in the price is just in a few gold but over the long run you can make hundreds of gold following this simple principle.

Oh wait, I remember another one, when you are learning your riding skill which usually costs a nice amount of gold, always buy it with the faction that you have most honor with. Learning the skill, repairing your gear and buying your mount will all be cheaper with the faction that likes you the most. Following this gold making guide tip can save you hundreds of gold on just one purchase of riding skill.

Gold Making Guide – Level 85

When you get to level 85 you should have a few thousand gold in your possession. Now you can start using more sophisticated ways to make gold. One of them is trading at the AH which is done by a lot of people by the way. You can make a ton of easy money by simply trading things at the AH in the realm. Unfortunately this gold making guide would be way too long if I covered every detail about AH trading, so you better check out some other sources.

It is 400 pages long!!

The principle of making gold at AH, is buy low and sell high. You will hear this in every gold making guide. This means you have to continually check the prices for a certain item so you get a very good idea what is sells for. Then you can invest some money into it, buy when you see the price is low and immediately re-post it back to AH for a higher price. I remember making 10g per item for simply buying and posting it back. Get Auctioneer add-on and learn how to use it. If you have problems with understanding it check the gold making guide I recommend that will tell you how to use it.

With proper trading at AH you can make thousands with very little effort, unfortunately this gold making guide is not going to be this long.

This is it for this gold making guide… hope you liked it, now go get rich and buy an awesome mount.