You’d have to be an idiot or loaded to buy World of Warcraft gold when it’s so easy to make WOW gold just playing Wrath of the Lich King whilst following the tips and tricks in buy gold guide!

I leveled my first level 80 WOW character, an Undead Warlock, with the 1-70 and then 70-80 Joana’s World of Warcraft horde leveling guide (see my Joana’s WOTLK 1-85 Horde Leveling Guide Review) which left little time for WOW gold gathering.

I explored a lot of the end game content with a great raiding guild, (I’m a bit of a Warcraft Addict) but I’d stalled a bit with my gold making at level 70, was too busy raiding to farm gold.

At level 70 I had the professions tailoring and mining. It might seem a little weird, but I picked Tailoring for the epic gear, and mining to sell the stuff I gather, and to help any blacksmiths in the guild to get their gear. I can make a little amount of gold playing the market selling bags for 100% more then their AH mats cost, and adamantite goes for a nice 15 gold on my World of Warcraft server (Hellfire realm) but with the raiding repair costs mounting up, i was stuck around 500 gold :(

I hadn’t been through the entire Valkors gold making ebook (It is huge!) when I started writing this WOW gold guide review (I have now, mostly anyway) but in about a week of casual playing, I increased my bank balance to 2500 gold, this is even with funding Tailoring without the use of enchanting. With a risk free grinding area there are places where i can make around 200 gold an hour with a little luck (this was at level 70 playing the Burning Crusade expansion).

Level 70 feels like a lifetime ago now we have the great content from the Wrath of the Lich King!

Making Gold before the Valkors Gold Guide:

I sold two epic items (from world drops) for around 150 gold while leveling to 60, (not had a farmed epic since!) and i had more then enough gold from general playing to buy any mounts i needed as soon as i reached the required level. I generally sell most of the items i gain, so gold flow before was no problem. This was before raiding and the massive thousands of gold needed for higher level mounts. When i reached level 70 i found that World of Warcraft quests where a little rarer, meaning i didn’t get the money I was getting before so struggled to find the 5,000 gold for the flying mount.

The same can’t be said as I leveled 70-80 as I’d been following gold making tips from this gold guide for ages, so had LOADS of gold on multiple characters, I give gold away now to guild members (I started writing this guide July 2007, now it’s 3/4s way through 2009 as I update).

Before using the gold guide I’d tried lots of simple things, selling WOW First Aid books and green Items etc, but after level 61, green items no longer sell, meaning they are less valuable then the lvl 50-60 ones! this meant I no longer had a steady cash flow, and my WOW Gold amount felt the blow.

So I was doing OK making WOW gold, but after trying a little of the World of Warcraft gold ebook tips I’m doing a LOT better and will soon be able to cruise around at speed on my epic flying mount :)

Making Gold with the Valkors Ebook.

I’ve read most of the gold guide tips now including the level 80 updates, what I’ve read is very, very good information.

For example there is a brilliant area for any affliction warlock. There are a group of level 62-63 mobs, but only have 3k hp. These spawn very fast and drop mote of Water about 20-30% of the time. It might not be great, but these mobs are so easy to kill I can kill around 5 at a time with no risk (Siphon life gives more HP then the mob does DMG!). As an Affliction warlock i can get my imp out, and just run around tagging all the mobs in this area, then taking the mana from my imp when I run out. They give a minimum of 0.10 gold per kill plus a full loot table of greens and expensive greys, and I’ve come out of half an hour of grinding with 13 gold and 3 primal water (Goes for around 20g each on Hellfire).

Obviously with my Warlock being level 80 now, the above tip isn’t as useful, but Valkors guide author has updated the guide to cover Wrath of the Lich King gold farming, so there’s plenty of new ways to make WOW gold easily at level 80. I’m not going to post any though, get your own tips, after posting the one above I found a few weeks later the Hellfire realm area above swarming with locks! I think I’d got a good Google ranking for Warlock Gold Farming tips or Hellfire Gold Farming (each realm is so different in where people farm!).

The Valkors WOW Gold Guide is full of great grinding areas like this, most of which work brilliantly. The rest are due to my realm being swamped with the hated Gold bots who make the game a little less fun for the rest of us.

The AH tips also look good, giving step by step analysis of how to buy the under priced goods and resell them. From what I’ve seen, success varies from realm to realm.

So your going to have try each tip with your own realm in mind. Some work perfectly, others are over farmed. With over 100 pages to this gold guide you should find some gold tip that works for you.

This is a great guide which makes making WOW gold almost as fast has the hated gold sellers. Good luck making gold with this World of Warcraft Gold guide, may your pockets always be full :)

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