What Is Best Power Leveling?

Here I will talk about what best power leveling really is all about. If you do a search online for best power leveling you can clearly see that it’s basically leveling up to the maximum (now 85) level in the shortest playing time possible. You can check how long you have been playing by typing “/played” into the text bar. You have every guy boasting how fast they are leveling, but you must always take that information with a bit of doubt.

Anybody can say the leveled up in 2 days, but very few people actually do that. Yes you need to spend quite some effort for it, but you don’t have to be like those guys in the picture here, they are probably playing WoW 12+ hours per day.

Best power leveling

best power leveling

My Belief About Best Power Leveling

I personally believe that the fastest and best power leveling is doing right quests at the right time. This is also the belief of the majority of WoW players. Your goal is to do quests that don’t require a lot of time for you to finish but still give good experience based on experience/time indicator. It is impossible to know what’s the best quest to do without a good guide with software that calculates that for you. The distance you have to travel to do a certain quest also comes into calculation. All of the popular alliance leveling guides have a special add-on that does that for you. This is also the reason they are so popular, all based on math and actual numbers and not just a subjective opinion of some people.

Best power leveling can still only be achieved by the help of a guide. Text guides in the past have been pretty frustrating if you compare them to today’s add-ons and mods that do half of the things for you. Text guides were a pain in the a** because you had to check them all the time. After every level or even after every quest you had to TAB+ALT and read some text to see where to go. I still can’t understand why people did it.

So to achieve best power leveling speed you need to focus on just one thing. Doing what brings you experience. Some people also want to enjoy the game by discovering new areas, or learning and leveling their professions as well, but you have to know that all these things will cost you time. Focusing on just one thing will make it a lot more efficient.

How Not To Achieve Best Power Leveling

I did what every noob did at the beginning, focusing on nothing and doing everything. I was exploring new areas, doing new quests and learning my professions. After quite some time I realized that I was advancing pretty slowly. I didn’t achieve high levels very soon, didn’t know a high level profession and there were a lot of areas unexplored. Then I changed my approach. when I was doing quests I didn’t bother with looking for mines (I’m a miner :) ) and never traveled more than necessary. My leveling speed improved nicely. When I wanted to level my mining I did just that, got into a good area and and just mined.

Average people boast about doing more things at the same time, so called multi-tasking… but a lot of the professionals, business people… emphasize focusing on only one thing. I agree with them.

For best power leveling focus on one thing at a time.

If I started playing right now and didn’t want to spend a lot of time leveling my toon but leaping to end-game content as fast as possible, I’d get a quality and popular leveling guide to achieve best power leveling speed. You can see here what alliance leveling guides I think are the best right now and are sure to improve your leveling speed tremendously even if you have been playing the game for some time. In the end, ask some players around and majority will agree that doing quests fast is the best power leveling you can do.