This is a review of the most popular Horde and Alliance leveling guide available right now, actually 3 guides.

Since we are looking for the fastest alliance leveling guide and not about any other guide we are only going to focus on speed of leveling. Since leveling is a big part of World of Warcraft you can be pretty sure you can save a lot of time and effort if you use it. I don’t play Horde that much and only tested the guide on my Alliance characters.

After tens of hours of testing Booster alliance leveling guide has given me best results.

#1 Booster – Horde and Alliance Leveling Guide

Booster Alliance Leveling Guide I know this is not what most of the people would expect, but if we are talking about sheer speed you can’t get any better guide. It’s very easy to use and it gives you a lot of information.

I especially liked the extra tips and comments from Wowhead about each quest and how to finish it and that everything is automated, quest tracking, talent build… I thought about doing a comparison between different guides by counting the time of getting to level 10 for example, but figured out it really depends on the class, area you start in and luck so the test wouldn’t be correct.

The second fastest alliance leveling guide by my opinion is Zygor-alliance leveling guide, read more below.

#2 Zygor Horde and Alliance Leveling Guide

Zygor Alliance Leveling Guide

This is without any doubt the most popular and most used horde and alliance leveling guide in World of Warcraft. It is most often described as the fastest guide available which might have been true, since Booster is pretty new to the game. One thing I really like about Zygor’s alliance leveling guide is the sheer volume of information that leaves all other guide in dust. If you are looking for alliance leveling guide that is more than just a leveling guide you should get this one… it may not be the fastest alliance leveling guide but it’s definitely the most comprehensive.

The only problem I see is that you might get slowed down at hard quests because the guide sometimes leads you to fight with mobs 5 levels above you or so which is very hard to do.

About it’s comprehensiveness, it offers archeology guide, Worgen/Goblin starter guide and a lot of others that you won’t get anywhere else. More detailed Zygor guides review. This guide is super fast and offers a wide variety of information that I didn’t even had the time to try.

On the third spot and absolutely still a very good alliance leveling guide is Dugi’s, see below.

#3 Dugi Horde and Alliance Leveling Guide

Dugi Alliance Leveling Guide

Also a very well known horde and alliance leveling guide that has been with us from the beginning in 2005 and has earned popularity among many players.

Also a comprehensive guide that will help you tackle any obstacle with the next Cataclysm expansion. Super fast and easy to use and the best thing is it will make the game a lot more fun. This is another leveling guide you cannot go wrong with.

All in all there are not that big differences between the alliance leveling guides above. I’m pretty sure it’s the same if you are playing horde. All 3 of them have been proven to improve the leveling speed tremendously for many players and there is no reason why they couldn’t help you too.

Alliance Leveling Guide – How I Started

World of Warcraft Leveling Progress
I have been using Questaddon before actually using any real alliance leveling guide and had pretty good success for that time. When the game was launched in the 2005 there were literally no leveling guides or advice for new players. Well, very quickly new guides started popping up every month. But there was one BIG problem with them that modern alliance leveling guide shouldn’t have. They were only very long books written about leveling in WoW.

You had to read them over and over again to remember what to do, not to mention you had to check what to do next every time you finished a quest. This was very tiresome and a lot of times you got bored of always checking the guide. A good alliance leveling guide was yet to be made. And today you can get it from many sources. In the review above I recommend 3 different guides and each is a very good alliance leveling guide on its own.