What Is The Best Alliance Leveling Guide Today

Here are some things that you should be very careful about when choosing the best alliance leveling guide. You first have to decide exactly what you expect from a guide. Since I’m looking for the best alliance leveling guide I am going to talk about this one only.

Do you want to level in the shortest time possible without any other distractions? Or do you also want to make some gold and learn a profession?

Best Alliance Leveling Guide – Deciding

All leveling guides will help you with leveling but additionally they can also help you with professions, with getting good gear, with making gold and so on. It’s best to decide what you want to achieve and then get a guide that specifically does just that. If I want to level my night elf warrior in the shortest time possible and not do anything else my best alliance leveling guide will the one which doesn’t bother me with things that don’t give me more experience and thus levels. Guides that will help you with everything are usually not going to be very good at any of it. You probably already know the saying “Jack of all trades, but a master of none.” You always have to sacrifice one thing for another. You can’t level super fast and make the most of gold at the same time. What is the best alliance leveling guide always depends on what you want it to do.

Best Alliance Leveling Guide - Booster

What Best Alliance Leveling Guide Should Have

Since this is a blog about leveling guides let’s see what the best alliance leveling guide should have and do for you. This is of course my opinion. What I want my guide to do is mostly help me level as fast as possible. If I want to learn new professions or get some gold I will use other guides and really don’t need my leveling to be postponed because of that.

Unique In-Game Add-on or Mod – Best Alliance Leveling Guide

Without any doubt the custom add-on or mod is a necessity for the best alliance leveling guide. Every good leveling guide has it’s own add-on that you can install into the game, like any other add-on or mod, that helps you with leveling. The add-on/mod has to be up to date, meaning if the game changes after a new patch, the owner of the guide has to update the leveling guide add-on as well. Only this way you can be sure you will need the least effort for best results. To sum it up, the best alliance leveling guide should have a custom add-on and be updated regularly.

Easy and Simply Quest Tracking – Best Alliance Leveling Guide

Since doing quests is the fastest and most rewarding way to level you want a guide that will have simple and automatic quest tracking. The unique add-on should be programmed to automatically choose the best quests for you and also show you how to finish them. If you are familiar with the free QuestHelper add-on you know that it is quite annoying to use it since you have to decide what quest you want to track. With automatic quest tracking you will save a lot of time especially since the guide will give you the best and “experience rich” quests first. Plus every step you have to do of course. So the best alliance leveling guide has smart quest tracking with good quest explanations that is easy to follow and gives you the most experience in the shortest time.<

Automatic Adjusting of Quests for Each Class – Best Alliance Leveling Guide

There are some important differences between classes and you want your best alliance leveling guide to know about them and adjust your quests to your class. For some classes it is harder and it takes longer to finish certain quests, your guide should avoid them if you are that class. The guide should automatically calculate the best quest path for you before it gives you any advice at all. The best alliance leveling guide should definitely have this option even though only the best and most sophisticated guides actually have that.

Good Support and Web Databases Access – Best Alliance Leveling Guide

A good alliance leveling guide will also have good support. Usually in the form of email, but whenever you have a problem you can solve it with the help of somebody else in timely manner. If you are not a technical type of person and just want the guide to work for you without any complicated settings that have to be changed it’s great to have somebody to tell you the solution.

Another great thing about a good leveling guide is giving you the option to access internet WoW databases and info sites from inside of the game. It’s great if you can search online websites from inside the game, while waiting for PvP battleground or traveling for some advice on that quest you can’t finish for example. A lot of times you will want an answer that you can’t get from your friends in the guild and you’d have to exit the game to get it. With the unique guide add-on you can access tips and solutions for every class and every quest in the game while actually playing, how cool is that?