Alliance Leveling Guide Tips You Shouldn’t Play Without

When it comes to power leveling it can be very helpful to use a good alliance leveling guide that can save you tens of hours of leveling. But in case you don’t already have an alliance leveling guide you can help yourself with tips that I’m going to give you right now. Check the article below to find out more alliance leveling guide tips.

Check alliance leveling guide tips below!

Tip #1 – What Strategy To Choose – Alliance Leveling Guide

There are a lot of different ways you can level your character. You probably already know that you can find an alliance leveling guide on every possible strategy. But whether you like grinding, questing, dungeon leveling or questing in groups there is only 1 way that has been proven most effective in the past.

Always choose Questing above any other strategy!

Questing is simply faster than any other kind of leveling. Questing simply means doing quests in the faster manner possible. Because almost every player uses this strategy this is also why questing is

1. choice for this WOW alliance Leveling Guide.

Tip #2 – What Role To Choose – Alliance Leveling Guide

When you reach level 10 you get to choose your talents that also decide what role you are going to be playing in groups. If you want to find groups for dungeons easily you will have to choose a different role than the one that’s the best for leveling and proposed by every alliance leveling guide.

The best role for solo questing is DPS or the one who focuses on damage.

But choosing DPS will give you a hard time finding groups since DPS is the most common role probably because it’s the fastest to level. So this alliance leveling guide definitely proposes to choose DPS even though you won’t visit that many dungeons.

Tip #3 – Prepare For Fast Leveling – Alliance Leveling Guide

Every alliance leveling guide will tell you to prepare yourself beforehand. Setting your action bars the way you like it, making macros and locking everything in place can save you from a lot of deaths. But more importantly…

Get any unique alliance leveling guide add-on if you have the money and always have food drink in your bags.

If you have some money to spend you should get specially made quest tracking add-ons from best alliance leveling guide packs because you will save a lot of time with it. Plus having food and drink (if you need mana) in your bags is going to make leveling a lot faster. Waiting to heal and replenish mana is a tiresome business that’s only going to cost you in lower level.

Tip #4 -Making Gold – Alliance Leveling Guide

We all know that World Of Warcraft Gold is a very important factor when it comes to leveling speed by alliance leveling guide standards, but what are the things that are really going to help you level faster? I think every alliance leveling guide will tell you that making gold and leveling at the same time is bad for business. If you want to make gold you will spend a lot of time, usually gathering stuff and then selling it for gold in AH. This is going to slow down your leveling speed tremendously and you really don’t want to waste your precious time. There is going to be time for making gold later.

Don’t bother with making gold while you are leveling, just get to the max level as fast as possible without buying too much.

Buying gear at low level is unnecessary because it gets replaced very quickly and only bad alliance leveling guide will tell you to do that. You should instead loot every mob you kill and then save the gold for buying new skills and spells. Getting your first mount is not expensive, but it will make leveling a lot faster. It is a sound alliance leveling guide tip to say that gold is not your concern while leveling and it should only be spend for new skills and spells or buying flights for faster traveling.

Tip #5 – Gearing The Right Stuff – Alliance Leveling Guide

As said earlier in alliance leveling guide tips on gold spending, you should not bother with buying gear early on. You will get everything from quests and loot. This would  be a bad alliance leveling guide tip if it said to spend gold on gear. Usually really good gear is handmade by players and sold for a lot of gold that you won’t have since you’re going to be leveling all the time. So buying is not an option, just keep anything that is the best that you get from leveling.

While there is also another concept this alliance leveling guide tip will cover. What kind of gear is the best for leveling?

You can be sure that a lot of people gather cool looking gear even though it will not help them level faster. Since being DPS is the best for leveling you also have to have the gear that will supplement your talents. Being DPS and then equipping shield or an item that won’t help with your attack and damage is a waste of time and by following this alliance leveling guide tip you are going to save time.

Equip gear that will improve your attack and damage, if you are DPS (best for leveling) talented.

If you are a warrior, paladin, rouge, death knight.. basically melee attacker, you should stack on strength first. If you are a spell-caster you should improve your mana capacity and spell power. These are all great alliance leveling guide tips that are going to make your leveling faster.